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Ruth Badger

Interview with Ruth Badger

Ruth Badger talks about her success after The Apprentice and her passion for entrepreneurship. Read the interview below.

What is the most amazing experience you have had as a speaker?

I have done many wide and varied speeches but I think the most memorable to date was for the BH&HPA who are the leaders of British based Holiday Parks. To have the privilege of speaking to such a high profile group of business leaders was exciting and challenging. I delivered a great speech with business leads still being received from it 4 years on!


How did life change after your appearance on The Apprentice?

Having 6 million people watch me for 3 months did actually change my life but all for the better! As being on The Apprentice was a fantastic experience I have had a great time ever since! The show makes you go out of your comfort zone so in business I am braver (if that’s possible) and far more experienced. I used the platform the show gave me to build my businesses and a great speaking career.


Can you give 3 tips for achieving success in the world of business?

  • Have a high work ethic as what you get out comes from what you put in!
  • Follow your gut instinct as it is always right!
  • If you want to make real money you need to take risks, playing it safe is boring in my world!


How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?

I have one rule in life which is under promise and over deliver so it is key that prior to agreeing to do a speech I know the key objectives and message that I need to deliver. Obtaining this from a customer is crucial prior to agreeing never mind delivering the speech.


What types of obstacles have you had to tackle to get to where you are today?

I started my career at a young age so I have faced age prejudice but now I’m 35 that’s not an issue now! I left school without any real qualifications so a huge obstacle was getting the first opportunity to gain experience to be fair once I was on the working ladder I have ensured nothing else has stood in my way. My biggest mentor has been experience and part of this has been my varied roles so in my opinion if you want to do something with your career and you set your mind to it you will achieve it.


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