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Interview with Ruth Sinkeler

In her interview with A-Speakers Ruth Sinkeler explains her concept of Sexy Leadership the use of UBUNTU, the traditional South African school of thought. For Ruth selfconfidence and happiness are the keys to success. Learn more about her in the interview below.

 What is your concept of Sexy Leadership?

The concept of Sexy Leadership is a simple yet effective one. The 5 steps of Sexy Leadership reconnects a person to the core of who they really are. With al their knowledge, talents, skills, values, passions, inner drive and dreams. Sexy Leadership motivates, sparks your inner fire and gives you confidence and strength to make the choices necessary for building your career, business and life exactly the way you want it. It gives you leadership & happiness. People who are happy and in charge of their own dreams and life are energetic, positive, attractive, thus sexy people.


Can you provide 3 tips on how someone can become more confident in business life?

Kow what you are capable of in knowledge, skills and presentation.
Know what your WHY, your inner motivation and drive is, this is what keeps you going.
Always work from your passion and believe in your dreams.


What is UBUNTU and what does it mean to you?

UBUNTU is the African Philosophy of true connection and authentic leadership. It knows no ego and has community, connection, reconciliation, forgiveness and common goals in stead of mere individual goals high in its values

For me living according to UBUNTU is important. I do not only value my own goals and growth, I always do my best to help others move forward also. If I can help I will always do so. I also do not judge people. Everyone is human, everyone is equal. No man is more important then another.


How do you prepare for your speaking engagements?

I always seek contact with the client. I want to know who they are, what they find important and what the subject/theme of the event is. Also it is important if they want an inspirational or a motivational speech and I am always asking about details around time, place, facilities etc. As less “surprises” as possible. For me as well as for the client.


What kind of clients have you previously worked with?

Several: Foundations, business networks, Sports events, corporations.

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