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Interview with Tim Drake

Learn more about the popular keynote speaker, Tim Drake. In this interview he talks about effective brand rejuventation and his unique keynotes. Read on below.

My Message of hope

By adopting a Young Brained mindset you can find more meaning in your work, enjoy it more, and make more of a difference.


The feeling I would like people to take away

That their individual contribution is important and can be supercharged


How I prepare for speaking engagements?

By asking the organizers lots of questions to find out the goals of the day, and the key issues of the organization, its market(s), and its competitive environment. Then thinking hard about the most relevant insights I can bring to the party.


What do I gain personally from being a public speaker?

The satisfaction and enjoyment of fulfilling my purpose, which is to learn and grow, by helping others to learn and grow


How much does humor factor into my keynotes and other speaking engagements?

Humour is important to gain empathy and involvement from the audience, while not dominating or obscuring the message


What makes someone a great leader?

The ability to see the bullseye when others can’t even see the target, to enthuse and inspire his or her team to achieve it, and to be unreasonable if necessary to achieve worthwhile goals.


How are my keynote presentations unique?

By being honest about the challenges, and by having fresh, inspiring, and practical approaches to meeting and overcoming them, and achieving great things


Do I have any unique memorable moments in m speaking career?

I was addressing an audience of entrepreneurs when a near riot of noise broke out in the adjoining large room, shielded only by a thin moveable dividing door. I led the group to another large room in the hotel, and carried on unfazed. To much acclaim.


What is a brand rejuvenation and what does it require?

Brand rejuvenation is the process of making the brand more relevant to today’s market. This is done by enthusing the employees and communicators – all the consumer touchpoints – to become Young Brains, and thus more positively engaged in today’s rapidly evolving society.


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