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Al Costa

Speaker and Expert on Biofuels
Country: Spain

Al Costa has a lot of expertise in regards to the biofuels market on both sides of the Atlantic and can therefore be a valuable tool for your organization. Biofuels are still the only solution to the diminishing of oil reserves and through his work as CEO at Alkol, Costa has written 3 books on the subject. He has delivered keynote speeches all around the world.

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Al Costa is the Chief Executive Officer at Alkol, a leading research company focused on the development of new plant varieties adapted to the needs of specific biofuel markets. The company adapts plant varieties to grow in colder and dryer climates, offering better resistance to pests and diseases, and higher productivities. By doing so they are promoting the development of healthy biofuel markets in countries, which would otherwise have to import biomass in order to produce biofuels sustainably. The company’s first crop is a sugarcane hybrid focused on the European market for cellulosic ethanol production.

Mr. Costa also consults for private equities, venture capitals, and Fortune 500 companies which need to know market drives and new technologies involved in the biofuels and bio plastics industry. He writes about biofuel market and trends for several leading publications such as Global Bio business, Biofuels Digest, Biofuels International, FUEL, etc. He has been a keynote speaker about biofuels and ethanol industry in leading venues in Tel-Aviv, Rotterdam, Madrid, London, Abu Dhabi, Denver, Lisbon, etc. His latest keynote speaker event was at the Bloomberg Fuel Choices Summit, where the Government of Israel had invited him.

Al Costa has written 3 books, the last in which he studies how Brazil was able to pay its external debt largely through its successful ethanol model. The book explains the bioethanol model in Brazil and shows how it can be replicated in Europe and how other countries also can attain their energy independence.

Costa holds a BA in Biology from Saint Leo University and a Master studies in Computer Engineering from University of South Florida.

    Speaker Al Costa Keynote Topics

    • Biofuels (bioethanol, biodiesel, butanol)
    • Bio plastics and renewable chemicals
    • Renewable energy policy
    • Bioelectricity
    • Feedstock’s (sugarcane, corn, palm, cellulosic, algae)
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