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Alain Safa

Transformation Agent
Country: Sweden

Our keynote speaker Alain Safa is a Swedish Lebanese poet and transformation agent who empowers his clients through storytelling. His goal is to develop leaders with passion, joy, and a greater quality of life. He has 40 years of experience transforming the lives of people from different cultures and backgrounds; improving both appearances and mentality.

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Alain Safa has been self-employed since 1976.  For two consecutive years, Alain won the Golden medal twice in the competitions held in Paris 1993-1994 for changing outer Styles. He is an authorized mentor and Coach by Int. Coach Federation ( ICF), he has a master’s degree in Business Management, and a Human Resources Diploma and he is the author of “the backpack” and “The power of transformation in: Relation. Business. Nation” which sums up his work with transformation processes through the last 40 years.

As a trainer, business owner and a peace builder, he encourages partnerships between Private and Public Sectors, as well as between Private sectors and the UN. In 2016, He participated in the annual meeting of the Academic Council of the United Nations (ACUNS) in New York. There he emphasized the need for partnership between The UN and the private sector in order to implement the SDG´s 2030.


Alain transforms both individuals and organizations.

In 2012-2013 Alain was the Project leader of the Swedish finance institute “Handelsbanken”’s training program which focused on transforming the culture of the Organization. The goal of this project was to promote an inclusive culture and sense of belonging in a multicultural organization.


Alain is passionate about conflict prevention and resolution, and he has developed many great peace-building strategies.  

He participated in “Ambassadors for peace” conference in Jakarta, Indonesia (2013). His paper, addressed the problem of radicalism at home, and recommended that minors have the right to live in a healthy moral environment and have the right to decide their religious belongings after they have reached 18+. His main concern was to highlight the impact of religious fanaticism on children who need to grow up in a safe and free environment.


Regret is the language of the failures. Forget is the language of the ignorant. Remember is the language of the learners.

    Speaker Alain Safa Keynote Topics

    • Can your beauty affect your leadership style?


    • How can dignity for all transform our future ?
    • Non- violent culture. A challenge or an opportunity?
    • Conflict resolution and conflict prevention
    • Ethics in the age of power politics
    • No peace without Justice
    • Promoting cultural diversity in the age of nationalism
    • Transform passive peace to a positive phenomena
    • Democratic peace: how can democracy prevent conflicts?


    • Immigrant parents, challenges and opportunities
    • What is the role of an immigrant in its new homeland?
    • Integration: a gate to pass or a ghetto of mess?


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