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Alison Delaney

Award-Winning Motivational Speaker, Children’s Author and Entrepreneur
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Alison Delaney’s passion is seeing people grow and helping them achieve their potential. Recognizing that many off the shelf change programs often don’t engage with audiences, Alison puts the personal back into Personal Development. Alison has been recognized for this, and received the award  ‘’Outstanding People Development’’ at the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Awards in 2017.

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Alison Delaney has over 20 years of experience in helping others achieve their best. By focusing on what really matters, your own personal values and beliefs, and linking that to what drives and inspires your achievements. A fundamental part of this of this personal approach is recognising that everyone has their own way of learning.

Taking this approach to businesses large and small, as well as schools, charities and individuals, Alison works together with her audiences and clients to create strategies to overcome the hurdles in front of them. Helping all develop in a positive and safe way that removes limiting beliefs about abilities and allowing you to flourish without fear.

Alison is also the the Author of the Little Bird series of children’s books. Through her books, Alison aims to build resilience, self belief and confidence in children, so they are properly equipped to grow into empowered adults and achieve their dreams. In conjunction with this, Alison has also pioneered Little Bird Dreams Workshops, which help support schools by communicating the same powerful message from her books that focus on the personal, moral and spiritual development of children.


    Speaker Alison Delaney Keynote Topics

    • Rise Up
    • Personal Development
    • Children’s Development
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