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Amin Rajan

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Speaker on Business Models and Technologies

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Keynote speaker Amin Rajan has worked with an impressive variety of companies and has helped develop effective business models, has improved leadership skills for many organisations and has advised numerous government and corporate entities on the best leadership, strategy, business cultures, change and technologies. He frequently appears on radio and TV and has received prizes and recognition for his writings and research. 

Amin Rajan is currently the Chief Executive of CREATE-Research – a network of researchers administrating high level advisory assignments for governments, global banks, fund managers, multinational companies and international bodies such as the EU and ILO.

In addition, Amin has served as a senior consultant to companies such as ABN-AMRO, Aviva Global Investors, Barclays Global Investors, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Asset Management, Fiat, Ford, ING Investment management, Bank, JPMorgan Asset management, Rolls Royce, and many more.

He regularly appears on radio and television and he has contributed feature articles to The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and The London Evening Standard. He has published reports and articles that focus on leadership, business cultures, strategic change, globalisation, new technologies, and new business models.

He has presented the results of his work at more than 100 major events in the USA, UK and Asia-Pacific in the last five years. His expertise covers areas such as leadership and new business models.  He is the author of various widely acclaimed research reports:

  • Investing in Debt Fuelled World (2013)
  • Fixing Broken Cultures in the Finance Sector (2013)
  • Death of Common Sense: How Modern Financial Theories Contributed to the 2008 Global Financial Crash? (2012)
  • Market Volatility; Friend or Foe? (2012)

He is a visiting professor at the Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University, and an associate fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School.

In 1998 he was awarded the Aspen Institute’s Prize in leadership.  It is a subject on which he has done extensive research involving some of today’s outstanding business leaders. He has been invited to provide leadership coaching to senior executives and investment specialists in companies as varied as: Anglian Water Group, Allianz Global Investors, BP, Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse Asset management, Citi Group, IBM.

In recognition of his achievements, he was invited to give five major public lectures in the UK:

  • the Jean Monet Lecture on Business in an Integrated Europe (1992)
  • the Royal Society of Arts Manufacturing Lecture  (1996)
  • the Royal Society of Arts Millennium Lecture on Leadership in the Knowledge Age (2000)
  • the Royal Society of Arts Midlands Lecture on Leadership in the Age of Dilemmas (2002)
  • the Royal Society of Arts Lecture on Diversity and the Bottom Line (2004).


As an economist, he has held significant positions, including:

  • Secretary, Economic Group, Cabinet Office, providing weekly briefs to the Prime Minister
  • Forecaster, UK Treasury’s Econometric Model, producing forecasts of key macro indicators.
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    • Investments and pensions
    • Innovation
    • Creating resilient business models
    • Motivating your talent
    • High performance cultures
    • Central Banks’ policies on both sides of the Atlantic
    • Future of Emerging Markets
    • Future of Europe
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