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Birgitte Rode

Global Sound Branding Expert and Speaker
Country: Denmark

Keynote speaker Birgitte Rode is a global sound branding expert with the track record and expertise to ensure an interesting discussion of trends, options, and possibilities in an industry that is constantly transforming and adding new layers of complexity to its users. Birgitte understands this business to its fullest and knows how to adapt her knowledge to ensure optimal conditions for any speaking engagements.

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The experienced performer and speaker Birgitte Rode is the CEO of Soundbranding, a successful scandinavian sound branding consultancy and sound design company, specialized in staging brands in all touch-points across all media platforms. Soundbranding is a new discipline for brands, both an option and an increasing need. The paradigm shift from print and mass media to digital media convergence is setting the stage for communication, marketing, branding, media and design in today’s global world.

A unique Corporate Sound Identity will create recognition, awareness and connect to lifestyle, maximize your brand value, creating measureable results and avoiding legal rights issues.

Many brands experience a big challenge when trying to implement sound and music as a branding tool. The challenges vary from lack of terminology, to judging the quality, choosing style, tempo, instrumentation, dynamics, target group behavior etc. From the combination of her experiences, practice and entrepreneurship, keynote speaker Birgitte Rode has developed a sound branding method based on music science and branding tools. Her understanding and objectives are helping individuals, groups, companies, and brands create the right sound to match the brand identity.

As a pioneer in the sound branding business, Birgitte has worked together with brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Ikea, the National Danish Radio and Scandinavian Branding.

The sought-after speaker Birgitte Rode has a very successful and remarkable career in the international music business. After her graduation from The Academy of Music she has successfully held many positions as a professional in various fields of the Music Industry. For more than 25 years Birgitte has inspired designers, marketing agencies, brand managers, universities, composers, and producers and she is constantly focusing on developing and sharing new ways to incorporate sensory integration and cognitive processes into sound branding, sound design, and music.

    Speaker Birgitte Rode Keynote Topics

    • Marketing & Branding
    • Sound Branding
    • Sound Design
    • Implementation and Strategy
    • Music
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