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Brett McGregor

Brand Expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Brett McGregor is a branding specialist. His professional life has been dedicated to brands – how to understand them, direct them, improve them and create them – all over the world. His talks are fact-bound and entertaining at the same time. Brett McGregor is a lively enrichment for any audience curious about branding.

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Brett McGregor’s professional focus on branding is not restricted to what brands are, but what they mean to we humans….and to understand this he has developed his passion in; the brain, how it works and the role of brands within it and the psychology of consumerism. Why emotions and feelings govern consumer behaviour and how that understanding should impact on how we craft our brands and therefore create better processes and better informed management of brands.

As CEO of an international brand development agency, our speaker Brett McGregor has worked on global and regional brands for top quartile companies – from Diageo to Danone, Coca Cola to Camelot in all continents – in service, financial and fmcg sectors. His work involves practising, writing and speaking on brand-consumer theory and best practice, but he still derives huge satisfaction from putting theory in to practice.

In doing so, his understanding of consumer behaviour and the role of brands within it, has been built to a level which has attracted many of his clients to commission him to lecture, workshop or simply entertain management teams around the world. To professional and lay audiences alike, keynote speaker Brett McGregor decodes consumer behaviour such that the audience deeply understand it, in their terms and not those of academics, and they feel better equipped to build stronger consumer-brand relationships

Keynote speaker Brett McGregor delivers presentations in both a lecture and interactive format. He challenges his audience and encourages critical thinking about the usual run of things.

    Speaker Brett McGregor Keynote Topics

    • What really is a brand?
    • The role of brands to the human race in the 21st century – why we want them, why we need them.
    • ​The psychological insight into brands – the way our brain works, the different forces at work within decision making and choice.
    • ​How to tap into the consumer’s psychology with brands – and how to present the brand in such a way that it ties in to the consumer more effectively.
    • ​​The use of consumer research – the pitfalls and dangers, and how to conduct more effective and incisive research
    • How to harness creativity to tap into consumer motivations effectively


    In his keynotes, our speaker Brett McGregor challenges dated thinking:

    • ​​Consumers are thinking beings who occasionally feel – in fact they are feeling beings who occasionally think
    • Ask someone a question in research, and you invite an untruth in return!
    • Companies alone don’t ‘own’ brands – they don’t just exist on a shelf, or on TV…the actual meaning of a brand resides inside our consumers’ minds.
    • ‘Emotional’  thinking ​and how to direct it to achieve a rational result in business


    In workshop format, speaker Brett McGregor will tailor a 1-2 day approaches to:

    • ​Development of deeper insights
    • Brand purpose and positioning development
    • Innovation
    • Best practice process
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