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Chris Davidson

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Communication Skills Specialist

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Keynote speaker Chris Davidson delivers powerful presentations which help audiences at all levels improve and perfect the presentation and communication skills and techniques. Chris’ impressive client list includes Ernst & Young, Virgin Trains, EMC Conchango, Penna plc, Rococo Chocolates and the Bank of England among many other organisations.

Chris Davidson helps clients develop effective communication skills

Chris is a self-motivated, delivery focused, company director with strong project management skills (PRINCE2 Practitioner).  A highly articulate and creative individual – enjoys presenting complex information and concepts in simple, innovative ways.  Has developed major government business opportunities for IBM and SITA, with a strong focus on the client’s requirements.

Chris is a very articulate and creative individual.  He enjoys presenting complex information and concepts in simple, innovative ways.  He gains satisfaction from getting to the heart of the matter, adding value, engendering respect and pioneering novel approaches.

In addition to being a Chartered Engineer and professionally qualified project manager, Chris is also a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association and past President of the North West Chapter.

Prior to establishing Active Presence Limited, Chris worked in the IT, telecommunications and aviation industries for more than 20 years.  During this time, he lived and worked overseas and managed major international consulting engagements.  His extensive bid and project management experience enabled him to deliver an exceptional level of service to his clients – something he continues to do with the Active Presence brand.

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    Course by Speaker Chris Davidson

    Persuasive Presentation Skills

    • ‘Persuasive Presentations’ is very different to many other presentation skills training courses.
    • It’s an intense, in-house, one-day programme for a maximum of five delegates and includes pre-programme activities and post-programme support.


    Training by Speaker Chris Davidson

    Facilitation Skills and Techniques

    Understanding facilitation: What is it that facilitators do (and don’t do), defining the core practices, focusing on questioning techniques, testing your own skill level as a facilitator, importance of wording (particularly with respect to flip charts and other presentation technologies).

    Overall meeting management: The role of chairman versus facilitator, what makes effective meetings, facilitating teleconferences, using process checklists, meeting effectiveness surveys.

    The seven stages of facilitation: Assessment, Refinement, Preparation, Start-up, Execution, Close-down, Follow-up


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Davidson

    Advanced Consultative Selling Techniques

    • Presenting a complex business proposition is one of the most challenging communication briefs.
    • Success begins with exceptionally tightly crafted key messages.
    • The presenter’s challenge is to simultaneously engage, excite and educate the audience, while persuading them as to the benefits of the proposal.
    • Such complex communications often use multiple media, which need to be tightly integrated with the presenter’s script in order to be effective.
    • A well trained account team, equipped with an outstanding presentation and the skills to deliver it well, stand a better chance of closing the deal.
    • Products do not sell themselves and customers do not buy on either features or price. They buy on value and emotion – how well they feel your offering fits their business need.
    • Grasp this point and steal a march on your competition.


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Davidson

    Maximising Media Interaction

    • A very practical, hands-on, one-day programme, run in-house for a small group of delegates.
    • This programme is tailored for each client.
    • For example, for some clients it is appropriate to conduct TV interviews ‘on the street’, while for others a TV studio may be more appropriate.
    • Some clients want to focus on particular media, for example, printed press and local radio.
    • In all instances we spend time with you constructing background stories, based on your industry and environment. The background stories provide delegates with a real-life experience.
    • On the day itself you’ll learn how journalists work and also come to appreciate the pressures and deadlines under which they do their job. Appreciating their perspective on what’s newsworthy will give you the opportunity to help them present your organisation in a good light at the same time.
    • You will have plenty of opportunity to practice getting your message across during real interviews, conducted by professional journalists – all of which will be recorded to video.
    • You’ll learn what does (and what doesn’t) interest journalists, as well as gaining valuable experience in handling tough questions.
    • The programme is normally run for between 3-5 delegates, depending on precise requirements.


    Keynote by Speaker Chris Davidson

    Personal Business Communications Coaching

    • Your time is your most precious asset.
    • Intensive, individual coaching is a highly efficient way of progressing from being a good speaker to an excellent, engaging and natural performer.
    • Many executives, senior managers and professionals know that their job satisfaction and career prospects would improve if they were more ‘confident on their feet’ and better at getting their point across.
    • This combination of individual meetings, accompanied coaching and distance learning is designed to help you develop the necessary habits required for excellent performance – something only achieved through repeated exercise over a period of time – just like improving your golf swing, dance steps, or swimming stroke.
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