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Dallas Campbell

Presenter, actor and writer
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Dallas Campbell is an extraordinarily talented presenter, actor and writer. If on screen or at live events, Dallas is a professional. His self confident and competent way of presenting has enabled him to host countless successful shows connected, but not limited to science. He is an ideal match for a variety of corporate events.

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Dallas Campbell is an experienced moderator, facilitator and host. He has worked with corporate clients like Samsung, Schmick TV and The British Science Association. He has presented awards, conferences and given keynotes as well as appeared in in-house corporate DVDs, or anything gadget, technology or science related.

Dallas Campbell’s a curiosity and original mind have led him into a parallel career as one of TV’s freshest and most sought after presenting talents. He is on a quest to explore the hidden treasures of the world. In 2015 Dallas filmed a two part series of Britain Beneath Your Feet, exploring the hidden wonders of below. In 2014 Dallas presented Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered on BBC 1; a groundbreaking documentary where Dallas uses new scientific research to explore the mysterious life and death of the boy king. He also co-hosted the hugely popular BBC1 2 part series, Treasure Hunters, alongside Ellie Harrison. From digging for Opals in the barren outback of Australia to hunting for dinosaur bones in North America, the series was a journey of discovery.

The broad presenter experience gathered all over the world makes it easy for Dallas Campbell to adjust himself to any audience. His charming and energetic way of presenting contributes actively to the success of the events he hosts.

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