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David Polinchock

travels from USA

Virtual reality innovator and an early pioneer in the use of virtual reality for advertising and marketing

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Keynote speaker David Polinchock is an accomplished innovator and pioneer in the use of virtual reality for advertising. He operates at the crossroads of media, technology and experience. For over 2 decades, David has been exploring emerging technologies that can help brands tell better stories.

In David’s eyes, there’s no such thing as a killer app, only a killer experience. Speaker David Polinchock is passionate about creating strategic immersive experiences. Not only is he a VR advertising thought leader, but also a leading voice in the conversation on the socialization of place and the exploration of how digital technologies will impact the physical space.


Keynote speaker David Polinchock was an early pioneer in the use of virtual reality for advertising and marketing. He started using VR back in 1991!

Since then, he has been at the forefront of this emerging area. In 2003, he founded his own company, the Brand Experience Lab. Here he Launched the first in-cinema, group interactive experience: AudienceGames. Which went on to win 2 Gold Pencils, a Bronze Lion and was named “One of the Best Marketing Ideas in the World” by Brandweek.

He was the director of the 1st AT&T AdWorks Lab and he worked as director at the PwC Experience Center. His accomplishments include helping to generate $10 million+ in revenue for AT&T AdWorks by designing and running an innovative and engaging media lab experiences.


Throughout his exciting career, David has consistently explored new and innovative ways to create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences. Making him an innovative thought leader in VR and branding. Book him for an entertaining, engaging talks full of the latest breakthroughs in virtual and artificial reality. His talks not only leave audiences wiser, but also inspired and excited for the future of technology!

See keynotes with David Polinchock

    Keynote by Speaker David Polinchock

    Conversations with Digital Natives: Teens Talk  

    • Gen Z is set to be one of the largest segments of the population and is very different than previous generations. They’ve grown up with tech and a very different media world. They’ve come off a recession, changing their view of work and money. They’re more connected than ever before, but in smaller circles.
    • With a small panel of two teenagers, you’ll hear first-hand what this generation of teens, is doing, thinking and making. What are the trends they’re seeing and what do they think the future holds? It’s your chance to ask questions and get answers unfiltered and direct from the source.


    Keynote by Speaker David Polinchock

    Future of Advertising/Media

    • Relying on David’s own experience as well as that of experts in technology, retail and branding, this is a look into the future. Where might VR/AR/AI go in the future? Are the other technologies that we should be exploring in the coming years? How will the role of experience change over the next ten years?
    • In this talk you will look into the crystal ball and see if there are any predictions you can use. Optionally, David can bring VR & AR headsets for demo’s.


    Keynote by Speaker David Polinchock

    Experiential Advertising

    • As brands become commodities and advertising has reached a saturation point, how can brands connect with their audiences? The future is based on the experience economy and speaker David Polinchock will show examples from around the world of companies creating compelling, authentic and relevant experiences to connect with their audience and drive business.


    Keynote by Speaker David Polinchock

    Stop Thinking Killer App, Start Thinking Killer Experience

    • While there is a great deal of excitement for VR/AR these days, everyone is searching for the “killer app.” But with these technologies, there are many killer apps and we need to stop focusing on the limitations of the technology and start creating great experiences.


    Keynote by Speaker David Polinchock

    Experience WalkAbout (May require a prep visit to determine tour locations)

    • Over the years, David has developed several unique learning experiences that take place out of the traditional meeting rooms. One of his most popular sessions has been the Experience WalkAbout, using the streets and stores of the city to create learning sessions.
    • These smaller group experiences are designed to enhance the learning opportunities by allowing participants to see how experiences are delivered in physical environments.
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