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Emily Hunt

Data Storyteller & Motivational Speaker
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Emily Hunt became a well-known name when she decided to get justice by crowdfunding a campaign to fund the private prosecution of a her alleged rapist. Emily has a passion for data and calls herself a data storyteller. As a speaker, Emily helps people understand the importance of data and the hidden story behind it.

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Professionally, the keynote speaker Emily Hunt works in communications and evidence-based strategy. She has worked with big companies like O2 and Apple. As a US/UK citizen she is very interested in international politics and current affairs, and as a data strategist she’s been able to predict some major events, like the Brexit referendum.

Today, our speaker Emily Hunt is doing much more than that as she spreads a personal story of being drugged and raped and having the Crown Prosecution Service not press charges against the stranger in her bed, as they didn’t feel there was enough evidence. However, Emily knows herself and her body and believes the evidence is obvious with the right calculations. With their refusal and Emily’s need for justice – not just for her but for every woman in the same situation – she started a crowdfunding campaign to fund the private prosecution of a her alleged rapist. Since the start of her campaign she has met so many supporting people in the same situation, and this has given her a trust in humanity she never had before.

As a data storyteller, Emily’s keynotes are based on facts and reveal the hidden truth behind large quantities of data. Many companies are number-phobic and Emily helps them see the potential of a data-driven culture. However, her personal story has also given her a voice, and she is passionate about making people understand that they’re not alone. Emily’s background and personal experiences gives her unique speaking opportunities, and she regularly speaks at corporate events and has given multiple guest lectures at various universities.


    Keynote by Speaker Emily Hunt
    Headache, or my adventures with the glass ceiling

    • At least three time in her career so far, Emily Hunt hit the glass ceiling at speed, cracking her head and not even making a dent in the glass.
    • Emily has learned a lot about what it takes to transcend gender in the workplace and she’s had quite a few situations including being promoted to her first director role while pregnant to being groped by three different bosses at three different jobs.
    • Emily explores the role of women in the workplace, discusses her theory on why companies with women on their boards are more profitable and explains how companies can better tap into their female talent.


    Keynote by Speaker Emily Hunt
    Overcoming Adversity

    • Most people face adversity at some point in their lives, but how they overcome it can become the defining part of who they are.
    • Emily Hunt shares the uplifting story of her journey from victim to survivor, pushing to change the system and raise the voices of those who need help along the way as well.
    • She shares how she has developed a greater hope in humanity than she’s ever had before and lays out her 3 key steps to taking back your life from whatever is holding you back.

    Keynote by Speaker Emily Hunt
    Using our Powers for Good

    • Coming from a background of communications and political campaigning, Emily Hunt suddenly realized that she needed to use the skills she’d developed over her career. But not for a new client. For herself.
    • In this keynote, Emily explains the 5 key steps that will allow anyone to use their powers for good, whether to help with your own cause or to help someone else’s.


    Keynote by Speaker Emily Hunt
    The Power of the Crowd

    • If you had 12 months to make a measurable, positive change in the world, what would you do? Since late 2017, Emily Hunt has been campaigning for the UK’s first crowdfunded private prosecution of a rapist. In that time, she’s found a new hope in humanity that she simply didn’t think was possible.
    • That hope doesn’t come from campaigning or even knowing that her rapist may finally go to jail, it’s from meeting all of the amazing people who have been supporting her in her campaign. It’s also led to a massive realisation for her: the people who are changing the world are the supporters.
    • In this talk, Emily inspires listeners to change the world by finding a movement or a person they can support. She asks listeners to go out into the world and change it, just by being themselves.
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