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Graham Davies

The Presentation Coach
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Graham Davies has become the go-to expert in the UK for Senior Executives, Celebrities and Politicians who need to present better under pressure. Renowned as an entertainingly topical, high-impact Keynote and After Dinner speaker himself, Graham captivates multi-national audiences at events all over the world.

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Whether on stage or TV, Graham Davies’ success is built on an ability to juggle a serious message with entertainment. A former criminal barrister, his list of blue-chip corporate and individual high-profile clients reads like an international Who’s Who, and includes 8 FTSE 100 CEOs and 11 Cabinet Ministers across successive governments. 

Graham’s mission is to demonstrate to audiences how they can be as professional in their spoken communication as they are in every other aspect of their business. His book The Presentation Coach: Bare Knuckle Brilliance for Every Presenter (2010) is the most popular title on its topic ever published in the UK, making him a leading choice as a political speech-analyst for the BBC, CNN and Sky News.

He has developed his own inimitable speaking style which combines corporate finesse with sharp topical wit and has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “one of the funniest people in the UK”.


    Presentation Coaching by Speaker Graham Davies

    Without exception, speakers who have been coached by Graham experience greater levels of confidence, clarity and impact. He ensures that companies and individuals create and deliver vigorously effective messages. Graham provides a robust and repeatable methodology that can be used in every conceivable presentational situation. This means that you can be concise and compelling whether you are speaking in a boardroom, ballroom or broadcast studio.

    Unlike other coaches, Graham has huge experience in turning your draft text into hard-hitting, memorable speeches.

    Graham’s services include:

    • One to one presentation mentoring of senior executives
    • Bespoke 1 or 2 day courses for groups of up to 8 people
    • Remote speech editing
    • Battle Conditions preparation for TV appearances
    • Sharpening of corporate messages


    Keynote Speaking by Speaker Graham Davies

    Graham’s keynote is based on the belief that “presentation” is definitely the hardest of all soft skills. He will give the audience a snapshot of how they can use the Spoken Word to get what they want… without being addicted to PowerPoint Prozac. It is designed to be an entertaining and challenging overview, providing takeaway ideas that audience members can put into action immediately.

    Detailed client research and briefing ensures that the content is tailored to fit in with the exact theme of the event, using business and political examples from both sides of the Atlantic. The attitude and content of Graham’s keynote can be summed up in 4 seconds and 6 words: Say it, Support it, Shut it. The 45-minute version is probably more entertaining!

    Clients always receive a full content outline based on the research and pre-briefing as part of the engagement. Typical topics covered:

    • How to define your Finishing Position: where you want your audience to be by the time you have stopped speaking
    • The use of Micro-Messages to capture and convey your most important arguments
    • Why Spikes are needed to make your points even sharper


    Political Mentoring by Speaker Graham Davies

    Graham has been a Conservative Party activist from the age of 18. He has advised politicians at all levels, including 11 Cabinet Ministers, 3 Party Leaders and one Prime Minister. Graham’s knowledge of the British parliamentary landscape, in conjunction with his winning methodology, make him the preferred choice for local and national politicians, from selection through to the peak of their careers.

    Graham works with his political clients to ensure peak presentation performance is achieved in all typical situations, including:

    • Parliamentary Assessment Boards
    • Selection Interviews
    • Selection Finals
    • Hustings and Debates
    • TV and Radio Interviews
    • Parliamentary and Party Conference Speeches
    • Public Inquiry Appearances


    Events & Awards Hosting by Speaker Graham Davies

    Graham can inject focus, humour and continuity to any corporate event. He provides insightful interviews, audience interaction and punchy links in between speakers, and his facilitation will be the special ingredient that gives your event real authority.

    Graham is also skilled at maintaining the momentum of Awards Ceremonies, while using his own brand of corporate comedy. His preparation and research makes sure the audience enjoy the event as much as the award winners do:

    The key features of his work include:

    • Informative and entertaining introductions which set a professional tone
    • Presentation links to lift an audience with information and inspiration
    • Conducting robust on-stage interviews which adds credibility to each presenter

    After Dinner by Speaker Graham Davies

    After Dinner speaking is an activity where skill and experience are far more important than celebrity status. Graham has developed his own inimitable speaking style which combines corporate finesse with sharp topical wit and has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “one of the funniest people in the UK”. Content and duration are always bespoke and will vary according to the brief received. Graham has a reputation for being corporately sensitive as well as extremely funny, whatever country he is speaking in.

    Graham’s speech content is a carefully calculated blend of:

    • Highly insightful views on how companies and individuals can communicate more effectively
    • Subtle endorsements of the key messages required by the client
    • Outright comedy
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