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Harish Bijoor

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Keynote speaker Harish Bijoor is a brand specialist from India with a specialty in coffee but an ability to help all types of brands. He has worked his way up in the business world and has a genuine understanding of how organizations operate. He is a respected and popular speaker both in India and the rest of the world where he delivers talks on brand management, marketing, globalization and customer understanding.

Harish Bijoor is classified as a Brand domain specialist and he operates out of Bangalore. He runs a unique consulting boutique, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc., a brand name that has a consulting presence across the markets of Hong Kong, Seattle, London , Dubai and the Indian sub-continent.

Most recently, he spent 18 months as the Chief Operating Officer, Zip Telecom Limited.  He has spent the last eight years prior to his Telecom stint with Tata Coffee Limited in various designations moving through the Brand Management and Marketing Hierarchy. Harish started his career with Hindustan Lever Limited moving through the Sales and Distribution stream during the first four years and the Brand Management stream in the next four.  Harish is actively involved in the world of coffee in India. He is a member of many active coffee forums and delivers lectures on the subject in India and Internationally. He is als a member of the Coffee Board of India under the auspices of the Union Ministry of Commerce.  Harish is an active member of the Plantations sub-committee of the Planning Commission for the formulation of the XIth Five year Plan(2007-12). Harish has recently published a book entitled, “Marketing Trends – Smart Insights into the world of Indian Business” – a serious book written in a style that is distinctly young and MTV-ish! He is currently involved in his second book on core-branding. Harish is a member on the Board of Directors of a clutch of companies and his passion lies in the arena of good Corporate Governance. Harish is a much sought after Public speaker in India and across the world with a total of 8961 Hours of Public speaking engagements to his credit to date

Harish is credited with some academic  and teaching/training achievements that are different and intellectually stimulating in themselves. He has been teaching at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (ranked 12 by the Financial Times  on its list of top Business Schools across the world) for the past 8 years.

Three of his unique academic credits include:

1. His very unique and simple definition of a brand: “The brand is a thought! A thought that lives in people’s minds!”

2. His theory of the “Love-Hate pendulum” in the realm of brands and human relationships

3.  His definitive theory: ‘Customer Orgasm’, the ultimate way to please a customer. Customer Service is passé. As is ‘Customer Satisfaction’. As is ‘Customer Delight’. And as is ‘Customer Ecstacy’! The new era of marketing is all about ‘Customer Orgasm’!

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    Speaker Harish Bijoor Keynote Topics

    • Brand Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Rural Marketing
    • Retail Management
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Organizational Motivation
    • Future Watch
    • Trend Spotting
    • Doing Business in India
    • The Emergence of India
    • India Market Immersion
    • Understanding Buyers
    • Inclusive Marketing
    • Green Marketing
    • Innovation
    • Globalization
    • Moderation

Interview with Harish Bijoor

What is the most amazing experience you have had as a speaker?

Two really. One in Tokyo, when I have had an entire corporate group stand up and bow gracefully at the end of my Keynote. This was a keynote that resonated well with the post earthquake and Tsunami sentiment in Japan. It resonated well on the count of what i called “inclusive living” versus the “exclusive and heretic” life-style of the past. I have spoken in Japan on many occasions, and most of the time the Japanese audience has been very reserved in its reactions. This was my first big heart-warming experience in Japan!

A second good experience was when this young lady walked up to me in Istanbul after a presentation at a Retail Conference, and told me that she had come there to hear and see Pele the footballer, but was floored by my presentation instead. What followed was certainly an amazing experience for me, as she gave me a big hug and a kiss right out there off the stage, and I cherish both the hug and the kiss till this day! When people are spontaneous, they receive spontaneity.

How are your keynotes unique?

My keynotes are very interactive. They depend totally on a set of 93 plus theories I have developed, researched and distilled over the decades. Every one of these theories resonates with business as equally with life. That helps make a potent connect. And a second fact is the point that I don’t repeat what I use as examples. ‘Conference vultures’ who flit from conference to conference find that interesting, as I am an all new keynote presenter at every conference. I kill my examples and allegories conference after conference.

Do you have some predictions for India’s future as a market player?

India is due to emerge as the third biggest of them all economies. By 2020 we expect the US to be a 23 Trillion USD economy, followed by China at 17 Trillion USD and India at 7 Trillion USD. Yes, that’s a big gap between China and India, but India will still be the third biggest of them all economies.

In many ways India will be the crucible of all new consumer activity. This is a market no one can ignore. India boasts the second largest number of bellies and bladders in the world, amongst other body parts as well. This means that as many bellies, that much is the opportunity for  food players. As many bladders, that much the opportunity for  beverage players. India is a market that will offer opportunities to all. India’s consumer market will churn up innovation like never before.

What is one of the keys to understanding buyers – do the same rules apply in most countries?

Understanding buyers means understanding buying psyches. The world is indeed flat in many ways. However, regional differences add the tweak to new world markets such as India. Understanding India is a science in itself. A strong believe in market research that is not quantitative and qualitative alone, is important. A belief in holistic methods of market research helps.

What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?

Two types really. Top management strategy drivers find my thinking unique and different. Even suited to their new needs. Innovation thinkers find me exciting and practical. Practitioners find me fun.

See keynotes with Harish Bijoor
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