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Ian Thomas

travels from South Africa

Lion Tracker and Author

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Keynote speaker Ian Thomas started out as a guide and specialized in tracking lions. His experience in the wild and his unrivaled ability to entertain and tell stories have made him a unique and often requested speaker. Ian Thomas relates the world of nature to the way business thrives. He is able to cover topics such as teamwork, and how to succeed when faced with a daunting challenge.

Lion tracker, speaker, author

Ian has been a professional speaker for 20 years.  He has traveled the world and spoken in more than 25 countries. After obtaining his Bachelors degree in Business, he followed his calling and worked as a wildlife guide in Southern Africa, specializing in tracking lions. “The Field Guides Association of South Africa” awarded Ian with the highest tracking and guiding qualification possible, that of “Scout”.  The award recognizes excellence in guiding in big game areas, weapon handling, and tracking.

Ian has always had a talent for teaching, and story telling and this was confirmed during his time as a guide. This subsequently led to a career in public speaking.  One of his core beliefs is that people have a lot to learn from nature.  Sound business sense is linked to a knowledgeable insight into how nature thrives.  His presentations assault the senses. Packed with stunning photographs, thunderous roars, humour, and an ability to tell and act out the story; his keynotes are truly able to drive the message home.

Audiences leave enthralled, and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues, which further entrenches the message and results in immense take home business value.

Ian Thomas has guested radio and television shows, discussing subjects such as teamwork and successfully facing challenges. He is known for a sound business message and is recognized internationally as one of the world’s top motivators and keynote speakers.  He is the author of a book, “The Power of the Pride,” and has clients in Europe, Asia, USA, and Africa.

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    Keynote by Speaker Ian Thomas


    Ian Thomas presents a riveting and informative account of how lions, the only cats that hunt in teams, can be compared with how businesses operate as teams.

    Lions form teams in order to hunt the vast herds of antelope that evolved onto Africa’s savannas. The strategy of using teams to ambush these herds was extremely successful.

    Individual lions and lionesses benefited from this association and the prides became extremely powerful.   The presentation is based around this point – that the success of the team is because of the individual and the success of the individual is because of the team.


    Keynote by Speaker Ian Thomas

    THE SPOOR OF SUCCESS – Facing Challenges

    Ian Thomas, while working as a Game Ranger, discovered that his guests’ predominant request was to see lions.   In order to satisfy his customers, he set out on a strategy to find lions on a daily basis.

    The strategy conceived was both fun and a financial success.   The reason for its success was that its whole thrust – that of competitive advantage – was seen from the customers’ point of view.


Very inspirational!

Lani Carstens

Rust-Oleum SA
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