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Itzik Amiel

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Our keynote speaker Itzik Amiel is an internationally acknowledged thought-leader on networking and relations capital. The experienced public speaker and best-selling author has lectured around the globe and shared the stage with important personalities such as the Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Les Brown, Darren Hardey, Marianna Williamson, Chris Gardner, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Tom Hopkins. Itzik Amiel is a dynamic and engaged speaker who opens up a new perspection on the importance and the use of relationships to every audience.

At the latest since his bestselling Networking book “The Attention Switch” in 2014, Itzik Amiel has become the global leading authority on networking and relations capital. The book was said to be “Dale Carnegie super upgraded for the cyber-age”. As acclaimed author, Itzik Amiel has published many articles and whitepapers on networking, power of connections and building relationship.

If through writing, personal consultation or keynote, like nobody else Itzik Amiel gives people the opportunity to leverage the power of authentic connections to the fullest in business as well as non-business contexts. Itzik Amiel enabled his listeners to build authentic and powerful relationships.

Working as an international tax and M&A lawyer in various business development roles for over twenty years, Itzik Amiel has gathered great professional expertise. Today, he is a professional keynote speaker and uses his knowledge to foster the success of other businesses. As an in-demand writer and speaker he trains, consults and creates strategic alliances with companies all over the world. Itzik Amiel has received accolades from an impressively diverse list of listeners and clients: IFA, IBA, BKR, Nexia, International-Referral, Globalaw, MSI, TAG, TIAG, Terralex, Intaxexpo, INAA, CIS Legal Forum, Europefides, International Law firms and Accounting firms, Microsoft, Tata, HP, ABN AMRO, ING, CRM Association, Global Leadership Summit, National Achievers Congress, India CEO Summit, ELEVATE, Chambers of commerce, Recruitment agencies, Entrepreneur Institute (South Africa) etc.

Itzik Amiel is the founder and CEO of THE SWITCH® the global expansion membership platform and EyeRon Group, a consulting and corporate services company for International Expansion, and of the Power Networking Academy™, where he provides corporate market leaders with strategic consulting and training to help individuals and organisations/firms communicate more successfully. Together with his team, they are the number one provider of Business Networking and Relations Capital services to individuals, companies, organizations, professionals and leading academic institutions around the world.

Working with Itzik Amiel and his team means the delivery of highly professional quality time with excellent results. All presentations are outcome-focused and tailored especially to the needs of the attendees. The communication with Itzik Amiel before, during and after the speaking engagement will be intensive and prompt in order to secure the best outcome for both sides. Clients have described Itzik Amiel’s presentations as unforgettable, credible and exceeding the expectations.

Itzik Amiel is a rare find. For more than twenty years, he has dedicated using Authentic Attention™ tools to help:

– Leaders persuade and influence others with confidence & purpose;

– Companies stand out from their rivals and attract clients and expand to new markets

– Organisations engage and motivate their employees;

– People will enhance their networking skills by using Attentional Networking™.

See what Itzik Amiel’s former clients say: 

“He captured and engaged the audience from 5 continents… significant contribution superb speaker.”
Robert U. Sattin; President, The Appleton Group; President, TAG & TIAG

“…wow delivery…engaging…inspiring…practical and significant insights.”
Stephen Hemlet; Executive Director, BKR International

“… I admire him… sharp and funny…engaging talk. … I truly recommend him…”
Rene van Zelst; Partner, Cox & Partners

See keynotes with Itzik Amiel

    Speaker Itzik Amiel Keynote Topics

    A selection of itzik Amiel’s most requested topics. All can be presented as regular keynotes, workshops as well as, in some cases, half-day programs and full-day seminars. Have a look at his showreel.



    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    The Art of Attentional Networking™ : Win Businesses and Influence People:

    In today’s hyper-noisy world, people forgot how to connect by giving genuine attention to others.
    You need to be authentic and care to build a strong connections to expand your business instantly and fast. In this presentation, I share how to use ‘Attentional Networking™’ to attract new clients, increase your impact and deeply connect with your relationships &build your personal brand. I reveal winning ways to create and maintain real connections inside & outside your company. This program is based on my global best seller, ‘The Attention Switch’.

    • Get to know the art of Attentional Networking™ based on Itzik’s the global bestseller “The Attention Switch”
    • Learn how to be authentic and build strong connections
    • Find out how to attract new clients
    • Build your personal brand


    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    The Power of Connections: Expand & Grow:

    Few people have a structured networking plan for connecting with others for business and life. In this presentation, I explain Immediate ways to implement the right mind set and skill set to build internal and external business relationships plan. I will share how to increase customer loyalty, shorten sales cycles, increase effectiveness in building customer relationships, and a more robust referral pipeline strategies.

    • Develop a networking plan for internal and external business relationships
    • Itzik Amiel will guide the way to increase customer loyalty, shorten sales cycles
    • He will show how to increase effectiveness in building customer relationships, and more robust referral pipeline strategies


    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    ‘Brand You: The Power of Relationship Capital™’:

    In a crowded marketplace, how can you differentiate yourself from others? How can you build and sustain your own personal brand by using the power of your relationships capital? In this presentation, I share the secrets to building your brand by Identifying the people critical to your success and developing strategies to connect with them through genuine attention and generosity.

    • Find out how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market
    • Build your brand through identifying your stakeholders
    • Strengthen your relationships through attention


    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    ‘Attentional Leadership™: Become a Trusted Adviser’:

    Nowadays to become a leader you need to develop your ‘Attentional Leadership’ skills. This is the ability to manage your giving attention skills with authenticity, sense those in your personal contacts and connect with them at that level. In this presentation, Itzik explain how to master the ‘Attentional Leadership™’ with your talent and your customers to develop a more empathetic culture, leading to a customer-centric approach to selling and delivering. It is easier than you think!

    • Let Itzik Amiel show you what it means to manage your attention skills with authenticity
    • Use the advice to bond with talent, customers and partners


    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    ‘Powerful Communication: Verbal and Non-Verbal’:

    Too often, communication gets reduced to mere verbal communication.  While this is important, there is much more that happens at a subconscious level that impacts our ability to connect with others and be truly understood. In this exciting and humorous presentation, I share the five characteristics of powerful communication. You’ll also learn how to protect yourself with greater confidence, and influence people with more precision than ever before.

    • Get to know the subconscious levels of communication and their influence on successful relationships
    • Learn how to use the characteristics of powerful communication in order to influence with more precision than ever.


    Keynote by Speaker Itzik Amiel

    ‘Powerful Connections: For Women’:

    You know that achieving confidence, credibility, composure and is tough for women in today’s environment, especially in any organization where most of those at the top are men. In this presentation, I will arm you with powerful connections skills to persuade, communicate, connect, present, impact and understand both men and women.

    • Connective skills custom-tailored for a female audience in today’s business environment
    • Learn to persuade, communicate, present, impact and understand others better
Non-binding request for Itzik Amiel

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Keynote topics with Itzik Amiel