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Jan Bommerez

Author, Mentor & Coach
Country: USA

With over 25 years of experience with coaching individuals, small and large groups, keynote speaker Jan Bommerez is an author, mentor and coach who helps other increase their awareness in order to become better leaders. Having written bestselling books on Leadership training, Jan is the perfect addition to your next event.

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Jan Bommerez is a bestselling author in the Netherlands and his books have also been translated into English. With seven books published so far, all of which have gone to sell years after they were originally published. Bommerez’ field of interest is what could be called a new paradigm within business, a paradigm which seeks to combine traditions of wisdom with new sciences such as chaos theory, quantum physics, brain research and complexity science.

As a speaker Jan Bommerez focuses on the era that is going to follow after the Information Age, namely the so-called Creation Age, sometimes also referred to as the Consciousness Age or Transformation Age. In order to progress, humanity needs to move on from the current ego age to a new world view where differences are not only tolerated but also appreciated because it is due to diversity that synergy happens. Dialogue leads to co-intelligence, solutions that no one could achieve on their own.

Bommerez was born in Belgium where obtained a business degree at the Leuven University in 1974. He has been an active consultant and speaker in his home country of Belgium as well as the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, the US and also Thailand. He advises business owners, managers, sales consultants and corporations about the shifts in corporate culture needed in order to be successful in the economic climate of today’s economy. He currently resides in California.

    Speaker Jan Bommerez Keynote Topics

    • Synergy
    • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    • Change Management
    • ‘The Art of Letting Go’  – We always focus on problems, once we focus on opportunities we will create more happiness, better workflow, motivation and creativity.
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