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Get into the world of TV and movies with a movie critic

Jeffrey Lyons

travels from USA

Movie critic, radio personality and author sharing his extensive knowledge within among others TV, movies and baseball

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Five-time New York Emmy winner Jeffrey Lyons grew up in a home visited by many of the world's luminaries of that era including Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Orson Welles, Barbra Streisand, and Joe DiMaggio, to name a few. The third of four sons of famed Broadway columnist Leonard Lyons, he has forged his own career as a movie critic on TV, radio personality, and writer. He has co-hosted three national movie review shows on PBS, MSNBC and NBC and interviewed virtually every major star of the past four decades.

Keynote speaker Jeffrey Lyons has reviewed some 15,000+ movies; more than any other critic in any medium. He has covered Broadway since 1974 and has spoken on everything from movies to bullfighting. He spent seven summers traveling with Antonio Oreoñez, Spain’s greatest matador, a friendship arranged by Ernest Hemingway.

In high school and college, he trained as a field goal kicker with the N.Y. Giants. He played himself in “The French Connection”, “Deathtrap”, and on TV’s “Wise Guy”, and studied acting with Lee Strasberg, Marilyn Monroe’s acting teacher. He has reviewed some 500 Broadway and off-Broadway shows, and has worked at WNBC, ABC, Lifetime, A&E, PBS, the CBS radio network, CBC Canada radio, WCBS Radio, the New York Times, WINS Radio and is currently heard nation-wide “LYONS DEN RADIO” providing five movie reviews a week. Other stations carry his “TODAY’S BASEBALL TRIVIA”, a daily feature. He recently began writing trivia questions for “HQ” the wildly-popular twice-daily trivia contest seen worldwide on iPhones.

He holds degrees in Journalism and Law and honorary degrees from Mt. St. Mary’s College and Hofstra University. He is completing work on his eighth book, about his family’s remarkable friendship with Ernest Hemingway. The State Department sent him to lecture in Spanish to Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay to lecture in Spanish on American movies.

Jeffrey’s other books are: “101 Great Movies for Kids”, three baseball trivia books, co-authored with his brother Douglas, a baseball book with former Yankee and Red Sox Jim Leyritz, and two books about his father’s era in New York, “Stories My Father Told Me”, and “What a Time It Was!”. He has lectured on baseball at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and four times at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y. as well as in venues all over the country.

He currently co-hosts the San Diego Film Festival, and hosts the Southern City Film Festival and the Vero Beach Film Festival in Vero Beach, Florida.

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    Speaker Jeffrey Lyons Keynote Topics:


    • Favorite Films
    • Essential Films
    • Forgotten Films
    • Acting Techniques (e.g. “The Method”)
    • How to Spot Familiar Plot Devices
    • Underrated and Overrated Films


    • Interviewing
    • Being Interviewed
    • How to Dress for Appearing on a News Show
    • How to Research an Upcoming Interview
    • What to Ask and Actor and What Not to Ask
    • How to Spot Good Acting Techniques and Bad Acting
    • How to Make Even the Most Reluctant Actor Open Up


    • Baseball History
    • How to Call a Game


    • The movie ‘THE GRADUATE”


    • LECTURES ON STARS OF THEIR ERA, ALL OF WHOM JEFFREY KNEW: Hemingway, Joe Dimaggio, Orson Welles, Chagall, Richard Burton, Dietrich, Hitchcock, Sofia Loren, Cary Grant, and more.  
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