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John Egan

Award winning entrepreneur, economist & speaker
Country: UK

Intuitive speaker John Egan is a thought leader with a focus on foresight and innovation in retail banking. Based in London, he develops avantgarde strategies for large financial institutions with Anthemis Group. As a speaker John Egan presents his innovative ideas and industry prognostic in a captivating and applicable way.

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Keynote speaker John Egan is an award winning entrepreneur, economist, and renowned thought leader with a focus on foresight and innovation in retail banking. With an impressive track record of successful turnarounds, investments, and exits in the finance sectors, he has cemented his status as an expert on innovation and the future of retail banking.

John Egan has worked in investment banking in the United States and Europe and has spent much of the last four years working with the world’s largest retail banks to optimize their innovation strategies, first as the Head of Innovation at Lafferty Group and currently as the Director of Retail Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets business at Anthemis Group in London.

Resourceful speaker John Egan sits on the board of studies at University College Dublin’s Innovation Academy, an institution which shapes creative minds capable of launching new, exciting ventures. He is faculty at the Retail Banking Academy and is a mentor at leading start-up accelorators Level39 and Startupbootcamp. John Egan has authored or contributed to numerous books and reports on Innovations Theory and the future of retail banking.

John Egan is also a regular speaker, advisor and consultant on innovation and foresight.

    Speaker John Egan Keynote Topics

    • The Future of Banking
    • Innovation in Retail Banking
    • Technology in Personal Finance
    • The Future of Money
    • The Economics of Innovation
    • Digital Currencies
    • Foresight in Retail Banking
    • FinTech & New Entrants
    • The Future of Bank Branches
    • The Future of Payments
    • The Evolution of Banking
    • Biometrics in Banking
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