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John Sadowsky

travels from Switzerland

Leadership Coach, Business Advisor & Author

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Keynote speaker John Sadowsky is an acknowledged leadership coach and business advisor. His 20 plus years of experience in business have brought the successful author to many countries across the globe. The goal of the charismatic presenter is to have transformational influence on everyone he works and lives with, and to inspire others to do the same.

John Sadowsky provides important help to companies at any level of an organization. His unique approach of leadership from the inside out moves to action. He is convinced that everyone has more influence than his/her position might indicate. To learn to lead is possible for everyone. For John Sadowsky, the condition  to all of this is to express who we are and what we stand for in an authentic way that inspires others. John Sadowsky has advised and provided executive coaching for a variety of Fortune 500 and other large companies, including General Electric, Starbucks, Visa, L’Oréal, Scotia Bank, Facebook, Guidant Technologies and Soitec.

In his keynotes, John Sadowsky speaks about how his narrative-based method can transform people, brands, groups and organizations. He is able to light the path for his clients. He offers them the opportunity to find out what effective leaders are and how the necessary abilities can be developed.

John Sadowsky will for example demonstrate how a group of individuals can be turned into an engaged community. He uses the method of storytelling to show how new connections are built by sharing rich personal stories of identity. He wants his attendees to learn that people are inspired by creative and unrestricted visions.

In short, John Sadowsky can teach people to realize who they are and what they stand for, to engage others, build a culture, recruit top employees, align their teams, win clients and raise funds. The charismatic speaker can deliver talks in English, French and Spanish. All talks can, if necessary, be tailored to the clients’ needs.

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    Speaker John Sadowsky Keynote Topics

    John’s public speaking engagements can be divided into five basic categories:
    Keynote speeches : 45, 60, 75, or 90 minutes
    Seminars : half-day to three-day events
    Webinars : 45, 60, 75, 90, or 120 minutes
    Executive Sessions : one-day to three-day events
    Leadership Program : two-day to three-day program


    Keynote by Speaker John Sadowsky

    Leading from the Inside Out

    Leadership is about influence. John has uncovered a pattern in the way successful leaders influence others: above all, they are not afraid to take stands on their strongest convictions and they have learned to speak from the heart about what matters to them. Each of us tends to have more influence than we realize on the groups that we participate in. In this keynote, John explains how anyone, at every level of an organization, can learn to have a wider and more profound impact.


    • John’s unique perspective on how successful leaders lead
    • Why leadership is not a mysterious gift, but something each of us can develop by committing ourselves to it


    Keynote by Speaker John Sadowsky

    A Sense of Deeper Purpose: How to Build High-Performance Teams

    In this keynote, John explains how the most successful leaders use stories of identity to build and maintain their teams’ cultures. John Sadowsky will tell you some surprising tales from companies he has worked with; groups of individuals that seem able to find deeper meaning even in the most mundane tasks. He will show how virtually anyone can use the power of collective stories of identity to align a team and foster its growth.


    • How stories of collective identity can build a culture of commitment to a higher cause
    • A step-by-step process for aligning your team around a set of shared concepts and goals


    Keynote by Speaker John Sadowsky

    How to use Storytelling to Make a Difference

    Based on his highly successful book The 7 Rules of Storytelling (available in French and Spanish), John Sadowsky will give both historical and current examples of successful storytelling leaders. He will also explain how we can all use storytelling to have a more impact on those we seek to influence.


    • Why storytelling is so powerful
    • The difference between authentic storytelling and manipulative storytelling
    • How you can benefit from the proven Sadowsky Method of leading from the inside out and the ASPIRE-checklist


    Keynote by Speaker John Sadowsky

    How to Use Personal Storytelling to Grow your Company

    This keynote is about why personal stories of identity are the entrepreneur’s most powerful communication tool, and how you can use these effectively in your professional lives. All of us can learn to use the stories of “who we are”, “what we stand for”, and “why we do things the way we do” to have a profound impact on our worlds in a myriad of ways: inspiring those around us, recruiting top employees, building a corporate culture, aligning our teams, winning clients, or raising funds.


    • How you can find the personal stories of identity that express your true nature and passion
    • How you can improve your storytelling through deliberate practice
    • How you can use your personal stories of identity to grow your company
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