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Jon Christoph Berndt

travels from Germany

Image professional and marketing strategist helping businesses to distinguish themselves and achieve success

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Leading marketing, image/branding specialist and keynote speaker Jon Christoph Berndt practices what he preaches - and that is why his presentations are so captivating and inspiring. He coaches managers, business leaders, and public figures, sharing his knowledge on how to transform brands and businesses into success stories. His previous speaking clients include Microsoft and Pfizer.

Jon Christoph Berndt is a renowned image professional and marketing expert with a passion for helping companies and people to distinguish themselves and present themselves convincingly so that they receive the attention they deserve. Jon Christoph Berndt gives keynotes for all sorts of gatherings, be it a small company seminar for 10 people, or headlining an entire conference with an audience of 2000. His speeches are tailored to the occasion, because, as Jon Christoph Berndt says, his listeners deserve better than a ready-made speech.

As a leading image and branding expert, Jon Christoph Berndt helps businesses and their employees gain more image and marketing success with the brandamazing Management Consultancy in Munich. Jon Christoph Berndt is a regular expert on some of Germany’s premier television networks such as n-tv and RTL, his specialty being live broadcasts. He is in high demand as an interviewer in the press and radio, and also writes columns. Furthermore, Jon Christoph Berndt is the author of an array of non-fiction books and self-help guides.

With his motto, “Those who are motivated motivate themselves,” along with his inimitable sense of humor, Jon Christoph Berndt opens hearts, and through the heart, opens heads. He guarantees that when his audiences laugh, they learn. This has led to his success with businesses, managers, and public figures, who he coaches in order to make something good into something even better. Additionally, Jon Christoph Berndt is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.

Jon Christoph Berndt is a trained journalist and has studied political science. He aspires to know more and understand better. He is convinced that tomorrow is today and it is important to him to feel exactly what that means for everyone. This is why he travels between the world from his base in Munich and enjoys extended stays abroad. His travels provide his visionary ideas and attitudes with nourishment and sustenance.

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Keynote by speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

#todayfortomorrow – For Leadership in Transformation – Makes Future-ready

  • In the past couple of years, “digital”, “transformation” and “disruption” have been everywhere. But do people take it seriously enough? Most of the time, the basis is missing: the Purpose of the organisation as an integral part of the brand.
  • Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt offers this keynote to give you an insight what customers and consumers of the future will need. With his help, you will be able to plan tomorrow’s success right now!
Keynote by speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

Success Factor Attention – For Lively New Work and More Profit for All

  • In the digital age, everyone wants to be noticed. However, hardly anyone listen to the needs of their customers and employees – even though it is a prerequisite to establish a winning brand.
  • This keynote is packed with key takeaways. With Jon Christoph’s help, you willl learn how to act target oriented and prudently, how to touch consumers in a contemporary way and how attention leads automatically to more sales.
Keynote by speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

Bestseller You / Personal Branding – For Enthusiastic and Inspiring People

  • The human being is the strongest brand. Without people, even the most beautiful headquarters and the best stores are dead. This is also true for both employees and for the self-employed: with personal branding, there is a tremendous possibility for you to build a solid cutting-edge brand.
  • This keynote has been designed to give you a roadmap of developing a profiled and attractive personal brand. Furthermore, you will also learn how to do less and achieve more with your strong Personal Brand. Live your personal brand in an inspiring, sales-boosting way!
Keynote by speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

Rockstar Selling – For Vigorous Selling, Without Roar and Discount

  • Companies want to sell more easily and make more profit. To achieve this, brands must have an irresistible appeal: it brings in more business and turns customers into real fans. They are more important than all the “influencers”.
  • In this presentation, speaker Jon Christoph Berndt is showing you how to establish an inspiring content strategy which is guaranteed to turn your customers into fans. You will also learn what makes companies and their product desirable today and the way you can sell easier, better and more.
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Interview with Jon Christoph Berndt

Who or what inspires you most?

Primarily, I am inspired by human beings who have a vision and are willing to implement it against resistances and never lose sight of their goal. It is not just about famous people like Steve Jobs, but primarily about the visionaries I meet every day: Whether it is an artist who made the conscious decision not to become a lawyer, the friend who quit his job and travels the world, because his vision is to be in Patagonia once in his lifetime, or entrepreneurs like the German Christian Vater who stopped being the Manager of Robbie Williams to found the charity foundation “Deutschland rundet auf” instead – an organization which says something like “Germany sums up” at the checkout in the supermarket and invests the raised money to help making the world a better place.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your profession?

At an event of a client, a very successful and long-standing family company, father and son made their peace with each other after decades of separation: They hugged and kissed each other on stage, while their 500 employees were watching them, which was very moving for the crowd and for me. It showed me once more, that branding and positioning are all about the human being – whether we are talking about Human Branding or classic brand work.

What types of results do clients experience after your keynotes and presentations?

Clarity. Many customers tell me, that for the first time in their life they really understand the meaning of positioning and branding and what their own distinct company and personal brand can actually do for them. Everyone is communicating all the time, even without wanting to. When they know how to use and control this form of communication with the tools I provide them with, they become more successful, more save and therefore, more free. And they get what is so hard to get and to keep: real, long-lasting, and useful attention.

What does Human Branding entail, and how can businesses benefit from it?

The human being is the most important link in the communication chain. There are no exceptions. If your employees are strong ambassadors for your brand, the company can develop. Because then the whole team stands for the same purpose: many well profiled individuals with a common goal under a strong umbrella brand – the well profiled company. At the end of the day, it is always the human being who makes a business successful and closes the deal. Human Branding makes the people and therefore, the business successful.

Can you give 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs wishing to create an authentic, meaningful and successful brand?

  • Have a strong Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP) for your target group that makes immediate sense.
  • Break the standards that are determined by the competitors.
  • Provide a strong and helpful contribution to society that is unquestionably desirable.
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