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Jon Christoph Berndt

travels from Germany

Image Professional & Marketing Strategist

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Leading marketing, image/branding specialist and keynote speaker Jon Christoph Berndt practices what he preaches - and that is why his presentations are so captivating and inspiring. He coaches managers, business leaders, and public figures, sharing his knowledge on how to transform brands and businesses into success stories. His previous speaking clients include Microsoft and Pfizer.

Jon Christoph Berndt is a renowned image professional and marketing expert with a passion for helping companies and people to distinguish themselves and present themselves convincingly so that they receive the attention they deserve. Jon Christoph Berndt gives keynotes for all sorts of gatherings, be it a small company seminar for 10 people, or headlining an entire conference with an audience of 2000. His speeches are tailored to the occasion, because, as Jon Christoph Berndt says, his listeners deserve better than a ready-made speech.

As a leading image and branding expert, Jon Christoph Berndt helps businesses and their employees gain more image and marketing success with the brandamazing Management Consultancy in Munich. Jon Christoph Berndt is a regular expert on some of Germany’s premier television networks such as n-tv and RTL, his specialty being live broadcasts. He is in high demand as an interviewer in the press and radio, and also writes columns. Furthermore, Jon Christoph Berndt is the author of an array of non-fiction books and self-help guides.

With his motto, “Those who are motivated motivate themselves,” along with his inimitable sense of humor, Jon Christoph Berndt opens hearts, and through the heart, opens heads. He guarantees that when his audiences laugh, they learn. This has led to his success with businesses, managers, and public figures, who he coaches in order to make something good into something even better. Additionally, Jon Christoph Berndt is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.

Jon Christoph Berndt is a trained journalist and has studied political science. He aspires to know more and understand better. He is convinced that tomorrow is today and it is important to him to feel exactly what that means for everyone. This is why he travels between the world from his base in Munich and enjoys extended stays abroad. His travels provide his visionary ideas and attitudes with nourishment and sustenance.

See keynotes with Jon Christoph Berndt

    Keynote by Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt 


    How to turn customers into fans and how companies get ready for the future

    • Insights: What customers and consumers of tomorrow really want
    • Aha: How the brand is the perfect host, you always want to revisit
    • Guarantee: How tomorrow‘s success is plannable today


    Keynote by Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

    Human Branding

    Especially, during disruptive times: You, yourself, are the most powerful brand!

    • Roadmap: How a person becomes an individual with a distinctive and
      attractive human brand
    • Benefit: How to use your human brand inspirational, sales-boosting and profitably and bring it to life
    • Success: How can you actually do less but achieve more


    Keynote by Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

    Getting Attention

    In the digital age: How to get the attention you deserve

    • Approach: How to operate target-oriented and serene and thereby, score
    • Strategy: How to move people with embraced values
    • Plan: How paying real attention to customers increases sales and profit


    Keynote by Speaker Jon Christoph Berndt

    Henkel vs. Berndt: Future-Ready

    Persuasive arguments: How to make agile companies future-ready

    • Idea: How future-ready-strategies ensure a head start
    • Motivation: How a new thinking is brought to life by consequent actions
    • Guidance: How employees become agile brand ambassadors and thereby, deliver their contribution to success
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