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Julio Capuano

International Affairs & Marketing Speaker
Country: Mexico

Keynote speaker Julio Capuano has 20 years’ experience in international business, marketing, public relations and senior management. Julio has spoken nationally and internationally and is also a professor in related topics. Julio delivers keynotes in English and Spanish and has been featured in the media regularly for his expertise.

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Speaker Julio Capuano has an educational background in international affairs and was the first Mexican businessman to be invited to represent Mexico in the first trade mission between Mexico and the Federal Republic of Brazil. He regularly contributes to tv and radio shows with his expertise on international trade and business. Julio is also a coach and mentor in senior management and strategic planning where he helps clients reach their goals and desired results while also focusing on self-development through different approaches.

Julio is inspired by many different approaches and tools in his keynote presentation and coaching sessions including Positive Psychology, Storytelling, Game Theory and many more. As a speaker Julio Capuano is educational, motivational and informative, and his multidisciplintory approach allows him to present unique and innovative methods and ideas. His extensive background means he’s able to talk about a variety of topics and help your business in different areas.

    Speaker Julio Capuano Keynote Topics

    • Doing Business with Mexico
    • International Trade and marketing (Health & Beauty/Food and Beverage sectors)
    • Communication Skills
    • Team Building
    • Leadership
    • KanSei (Emotional design)
    • Resilience
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