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Master your Wow and break all odds


Kate Delaney

travels from USA

Sports broadcaster & journalist speaking about how to go from being the underdog to being the top dog

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Our keynote speaker Kate Delaney is the leading female sports commentator in America. She has covered the Super Bowl 15 times and interviewed four former American presidents. Listen to her story and discover how she achieved success after 5 years of being rejected again and again. She will teach you to do the same.

Kate Delaney is an Emmy-award winning journalist, who has achieved great national success. Even after 550 rejections Kate never gave up and finally got her chance to become a sports broadcaster. She is now a well-known and respected journalist who found her place in the male-dominated world of sports, as well as a successful business owner and author of three great books: “Level the Playing Field”, “Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Want you to Know” and “Deal Your own Destiny”.

Through broadcasting and interviewing top CEOs, she learned helpful strategies and skills, which she now presents in her keynotes to help organizations achieve their goals and get bigger and better results. Kate travels to top business conferences and seminars and has helped organizations like McDonald’s and Radio Shack reach new heights in their branding. With Kate’s unique background and life experiences, she has discovered the secrets to making it in the business world and will teach her audience how to be authentic, respected and better than everyone else. Other than her amazing communication skills, she has an incredible insight into the world of business and sports, and she knows how to go from being the underdog to being the top dog.

In her dynamic presentations she teaches her audience techniques and skills that will help them reach goals they didn’t even know were possible. Her inspiring story of never giving up will inspire you to do the same and keep fighting. After Kate’s presentation you will feel motivated, focused and ready to work harder and better. 

Any business will see benefits after a keynote with Kate. If you feel stuck, in lack of motivation or maybe you just want improve your communication, Kate Delaney is sure to give you the right tools to “wow” everyone and make it in your area of business.


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    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    What’s Your Wow? ®

    • Nail the question of what do you do in less than 10 seconds
    • In this keynote, Kate will teach her audience how to communicate effectively
    • Discover your “wow” and create the perfect pitch
    • Learn how to dominate the conversation with Kate’s two-step process

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Invade the Man Cave and Forget the Glass Ceiling

    • Learn how to get what you want with no one questioning you because of your gender
    • In this keynote Kate gives her tips and tricks to maneuver through gender bias. Learn how to play in the field!
    • Discover the power of your network

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Locker Room Insider

    • What athletes have that you NEED
    • Kate was rejected 500 times before becoming a sports broadcaster – discover her secret to success
    • Learn what top-athletes told Kate over and over. It will motivate you to keep powering through your own obstacles

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Deal Your Own Destiny

    • Kate knows obstacles and setbacks. She knows failure and rejection. But she also knows how to overcome any challenges, live your dream and become successful
    • Discover her approach to it all and learn from the best
    • Having interviewed over 15,000 influential people, Kate will reveal the secrets to success of top-athletes, businesswomen and politicians

Do you ever feel like nobody is listening?

How frustrating is it to have a company with a game changing product, a brilliant idea or a great way to do something so much better but you can’t be heard. Now more than ever it is harder to get people to focus when we communicate with each other and part of the problem is most of us are lousy listeners.

I conducted an unscientific poll the other day with the help of a few people networking at a convention where I was speaking in Louisiana. During the breaks in a sprawling lobby loaded with lots of nooks and crannies I recruited men and women lured by a free Starbucks card. Their mission was to have a conversation with someone they didn’t know. I interviewed my volunteers and the people they spoke to in the lobby later that day to find out what happened.

Lots of cards were exchanged but most came away with little or no details about the people they had spoken too and vice versa.  Here’s the feedback I heard the most, “They kept interrupting me and I forgot the point I was making”. The first step to being an Influential Listener and being heard is to let people finish their thoughts and pay close attention to what they are saying. Too often we have a script in mind, hurrying to get to our points across missing out on making the connection through conversation. How much business is lost in not hearing what someone really wants?

If you want to close bigger business and build stronger relationships listen to what people are saying. For more tips on influential listening click here


Interview with Kate Delaney

What is your biggest advice to someone who wants to make it in gender-dominated industry? 

Go in with an open mind and good attitude. It can be tough to be what I call an “only”. Meaning you might be the only woman on that particular job or in that department. I know because usually that is and was me for most of my career. Always stand your ground, know your worth and why you were chosen for the job. Are you getting hassled? Confront your work mate in a non-hostile way and let them know you’re not a threat but a valuable part of the team. A change in an inclusive environment can be a challenge for the old guard. Be confident, know your worth and stand your ground and they will crack and warm up to you.

What types of unique experiences have you had as a result of your profession?

The world of speaking and broadcasting has opened me up to so many unique experiences. I spoke to a group of leaders on a moving train. Everyone was involved and excited until the meeting planner realized, luckily at the end of my keynote, that the train was going the wrong way.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?

Humor is like breathing to me. My keynotes, breakouts and deeper dives are all filled with high energy, actionable content and loads of laughs. Who doesn’t want to feel good and discover something innovative or applicable to their lives at the same time.

Can you give 3 tips for creating a more innovative company culture?

  • In many corporate cultures there are clearly defined roles. Yes, this is necessary but often some great ideas and ways to implement innovation are left off the table. Let all the “kids” aka employees play on the jungle gym. Let everyone in the company know some of the innovative products or methods that are being worked on right under their noses. Some of the best possibilities in business come from sources that weren’t even being considered. A once a month virtual coffee with the CEO, Product Supervisor or anyone in the C-Suite could uncover some untapped talent. Give employees a community suggestion drop-box to submit their thoughts afterwards. If nothing else everyone will feel involved.
  • Allow departments to have “white space” time. Meaning time to do what I call no ideas are bad bring them all to table. So for the first 20 minutes…you can suggest anything even if it seems impossible. Nobody is allowed to say “but…” and discourage the idea. Then for the next 20 minutes pick the best few and flush them out. Let everyone work on the best 3.
  • Field trips. At least once a quarter get out of the office and go and get to know each other. Bowling? Boat trip? Long lunch at a hip restaurant? Communication is key and getting to know each other better often lets down barriers to innovation and creativity.
See keynotes with Kate Delaney
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