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Kate Delaney

travels from USA

Motivational Speaker, sports broadcaster and journalist

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Our keynote speaker Kate Delaney is the leading female sports commentator in America. She has covered the Super Bowl 15 times and interviewed four former American presidents. Listen to her story and discover how she achieved success after 5 years of being rejected again and again. She will teach you to do the same.

Kate Delaney is an Emmy-award winning journalist, who has achieved great national success. Even after 550 rejections Kate never gave up and finally got her chance to become a sports broadcaster. She is now a well-known and respected journalist who found her place in the male-dominated world of sports, as well as a successful business owner and author of three great books: “Level the Playing Field”, “Invade the Man Cave: Sports Secrets Guys Don’t Want you to Know” and “Deal Your own Destiny”.

Through broadcasting and interviewing top CEOs, she learned helpful strategies and skills, which she now presents in her keynotes to help organizations achieve their goals and get bigger and better results. Kate travels to top business conferences and seminars and has helped organizations like McDonald’s and Radio Shack reach new heights in their branding. With Kate’s unique background and life experiences, she has discovered the secrets to making it in the business world and will teach her audience how to be authentic, respected and better than everyone else. Other than her amazing communication skills, she has an incredible insight into the world of business and sports, and she knows how to go from being the underdog to being the top dog.

In her dynamic presentations she teaches her audience techniques and skills that will help them reach goals they didn’t even know were possible. Her inspiring story of never giving up will inspire you to do the same and keep fighting. After Kate’s presentation you will feel motivated, focused and ready to work harder and better. 

Any business will see benefits after a keynote with Kate. If you feel stuck, in lack of motivation or maybe you just want improve your communication, Kate Delaney is sure to give you the right tools to “wow” everyone and make it in your area of business.


See keynotes with Kate Delaney

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    What’s Your Wow? ®

    • Nail the question of what do you do in less than 10 seconds
    • In this keynote, Kate will teach her audience how to communicate effectively
    • Discover your “wow” and create the perfect pitch
    • Learn how to dominate the conversation with Kate’s two-step process

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Invade the Man Cave and Forget the Glass Ceiling

    • Learn how to get what you want with no one questioning you because of your gender
    • In this keynote Kate gives her tips and tricks to maneuver through gender bias. Learn how to play in the field!
    • Discover the power of your network

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Locker Room Insider

    • What athletes have that you NEED
    • Kate was rejected 500 times before becoming a sports broadcaster – discover her secret to success
    • Learn what top-athletes told Kate over and over. It will motivate you to keep powering through your own obstacles

    Keynote by Speaker Kate Delaney

    Deal Your Own Destiny

    • Kate knows obstacles and setbacks. She knows failure and rejection. But she also knows how to overcome any challenges, live your dream and become successful
    • Discover her approach to it all and learn from the best
    • Having interviewed over 15,000 influential people, Kate will reveal the secrets to success of top-athletes, businesswomen and politicians
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