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Kim Coppes

Moderator and Facilitator
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Kim Coppes can help your event to get moving, either as a Moderator, Facilitator, Interviewer or Trainer. Kim can engage your audience, whether it be an entire conference hall or a small training group.

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Kim Coppes graduated from the Faculty of Theatre and Drama at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, supplemented with courses in communication and interview techniques. From the outset, she combined her stage work with debate, training and business programs to find the best way to engage and interact with an audience.

Kim has been a presenter for the entrepreneurial channel 7ditches.tv, as well as one of the driving forces behind Mastering Moderation. A workshop and training program that gets behind the skills needed to be successful moderator whether that be as a manager conducting internal meetings or work in local or national government having to converse with the public.

With a broad list of previous clients, Kim is not restricted to any particular industry, moderating events for organisations in sectors such as logistics, food production and finance to name but a few.

    Speaker Kim Coppes Keynote Topics

    • Moderation
    • Event Facilitator
    • Coaching
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