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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

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Business Growth and Change Expert

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The keynote speaker Mark Thompson has worked with some of the greatest leaders of our time. He has co-founded Richard Branson’s Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub for Virgin Unite and he contributed to bestselling business books such as Jim Collin’s Good to Great. Mark Thompson has experience and knowledge which few can match. His keynotes are powerful and full of insightful information.

Operating Executive, Business Growth & Change Expert, Best Selling Author

The keynote speaker Mark Thompson is co-founder & CEO of Richard Branson’s Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub for Virgin Unite. He has been on the Board of Directors for a number of global firms, such as BestBuy, Korn Ferry, Interwoven (HP) and others.

He was formerly the Chief Communications Officer at Charles Schwab’s, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief IR Officer, and Exec Producer of Schwab.com. During his tenure, the company’s customer assets grew ten-fold to more than $800 billion dollars in over five million client accounts and continue to grow during the greatest economic storms in history. Thompson created the Schwab Leadership Series and as a result he worked face-to-face with many of the world’s biggest global leaders and entrepreneurs – from Richard Branson and Steve Jobs to Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ford CEO Alan Mulally, AG Lafley, Herb Kelleher, Michael Dell and Zappos founder Tony Hsieh.

Today, the renown speaker Mark Thompson is an expert advisor on Level V Leadership – transforming how leaders inspire managers to boost sales, innovation and lead change in a volatile world. He has helped develop many of the biggest bestsellers in business literature. Thompson did research for Jim Collins and Jerry Porras on Built to Last and Good to Great. During his presentations, he shows audiences how to use the principles discussed in Good to Great. Along with Jerry Porras and Stewart Emery, he co-authored the bestseller Success Built to Last. By focusing on Collins’ five levels of leadership, Thompson coaches leaders to get things done fast!

In 2010, the American Management Association published Thompson’s bestselling book – Now, Build a Great Business. He also edited two books for Harvard Business Press – Weathering theStorm and Crisis As Opportunity.

Our speaker Mark Thompson has worked with executive teams in 12 industries and more than 30 firms. In addition, Thompson is Chairman of the American Express Leadership series for Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader Institute. He is a member of the Board of Governors for the Institute and is a board member, investor and advisor to 8 companies while serving on the faculty of the World Economic Forum, John F. Kennedy University, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University.


Corporate Experience

  • Thompson is a current Member of the Board of Directors and founding investor inSmule.com, one of Apple’s top iPhone and iPad applications companies. He was also Executive Producer of Schwab.com and Chairman of Rioport, which popularized themp3 audio technology now used in Apple’s iTunes.
  • Thompson is a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University and a founding advisor to the Stanford Realtime Venture Design Lab. He has also served on the faculty of John F. Kennedy University and Tony Robbins Business Mastery series.
  • He is a faculty member for the prestigious World Economic Forum, a by-invitation-only organization comprised of the top 1,000 executives in the world.
  • He is the producer & host of the Leadership Dialogue Series sponsored by American Express.
  • Forbes Magazine calls Mark C. Thompson “a venture investor with the ‘Midas’ touch.”
  • He was a Member of the Board of Directors and on the Nominating & Audit Committees(2000-2004) for Best Buy Enterprises.
  • From 1988-2000, Thompson worked with Charles Schwab & Company as Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief of Staff, Chief Investor Relations Officer, Senior Vice President, Executive Producer of Schwab.com and Chief Communications Officer –reporting to founder Chuck Schwab.
See keynotes with Mark Thompson

    Speaker Mark Thompson Keynote Topics

    Mark Thompson’s keynotes focus on how to build client intimacy by engaging the passions of employees and keying in on mindsets that drive leaders to get things done fast! Thompson’s expertise on Built to Last and Good to Great reveals the secrets behind company growth, innovation, leadership, customer engagement and talent management. Mark’s talks focus around three main themes:

    • Make Change Happen – How World-Class Teams Lead Change Faster
    • Make Sales Happen – Level 5 Sales Growth / Good to Great Performance
    • Boost Profits: Customer Service That’s Built to Last



    Keynote by Speaker Mark Thompson

    Now, Build A Great Business! Customer Service Built to Last

    The sought-after speaker Mark Thompson reveals the tools of the world’s most successful leaders for the sequel, Success Built to Last.

    This inspiring and fun keynote provides the secrets from hundreds of high producers whom Thompson has studied and met face-to-face.

    • How world-class teams generate unstoppable growth
    • Five powerful Customer Service strategies
    • Seven ways to boost profits in any market
    • How to actually nurture leaders from ordinary to extraordinary – Level 1 to 5 – what are the three steps necessary for developing the best teams?
    • What are the best practices from managers and entrepreneurs with track records of more than two decades of success?
    • What are the three critical drivers of influence for every high achiever?


    Keynote by Speaker Mark Thompson

    Make Sales Happen – Practical Ways to Boost Business

    This keynote will bring you Level 5 Sales Growth and Enhanced Performance.

    • The Invisible Close – How to win clients who don’t want to be sold. What is Level 5 Sales Growth and how to take Business Performance from Good to Great?
    • Create Your Irresistible Offer – Defining better outcomes and benefits
    • How to Build Partnerships From the Start – Investing in client loyalty
    • What Does Your Market Crave? Helping clients understand the cost of ignoring your offer.
    • How to gain strategic advantage over every other offer
    • Five Mistakes That Repel Customers & Cut Sales in Half
    • Five P’s That Double Sales: Positioning–Pain–Promise–Proof–Planning
    • How to convert loyal clients into higher ticket up-sell opportunities
    • The Two Personalities of the World’s Most Profitable Clients


    Keynote by Speaker Mark Thompson

    Make Change Happen Fast – Success Built to Last

    Some speakers talk about change and growth, but they’ve never done it before. Our speaker Mark Thompson has made it happen. He’s been an operating executive with a front-row seat on transformations at Charles Schwab, and a board member at Best Buy, and Apple’s top iPhone and iPad app companies. He’s worked in 12 industries directly with executive teams at Nokia, NIKE, Unilever, Baird, Bank of New York and 35 firms in the US, Europe, Asia and Brazil.

    Thompson bets his own wallet on change and innovation by investing in companies that are on the leading edge of change.

    • How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation now – with urgency?
    • How have world-class firms taken the leap that you’re facing?
    • The difference between top 3 market leaders & all others
    • How to take advantage of turbulence in your markets in order to steal bases on competitors and build value for customers
    • What are the three fundamental factors that galvanize change in every person?
    • What are the seven steps to change in every organization?
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Keynote topics with Mark Thompson