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Norm Smallwood

Norm Smallwood

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Co-founder of The RBL Group

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Norm Smallwood is praised in the areas of business development and leadership. He aims to assist organizations and individuals achieve great results and value through effective leadership and proper utilization of people’s capabilities. Norm was a co-founder of the RBL group which helps develop successful leaders.

Co-founder, The RBL Group

Norm Smallwood is a talented and recognized authority on developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value. His current work relates to increasing business value by building leadership, organization, and people capabilities that effectively impact market value.

Norm co-founded The RBL Group with Dave Ulrich in 2000.

Much of his current work relates to connecting firm brand identity with leadership brand capability. Leadership brand capability occurs when investors, customers and employees have confidence that leaders are able to deliver present and future results in a manner consistent with the desired customer experience or firm identity.

Norm has co-authored seven books: Real-Time StrategyHow Leaders Build ValueChange Champions Field GuideResults-Based LeadershipLeadership BrandLeadership Code and What is Leadership? (eBook). He has published hundreds of articles in leading journals and newspapers including Washington Post, Forbes and Financial Times. He has also contributed chapters and Forewords to multiple books. Norm has been a frequent blogger on HBR Online where his blog on Personal Leader Brand was highlighted as one of the top ten most read of 2010.

For three years, Norm was a faculty member in executive education at the University of Michigan in the Ross School of Management.

For several years the magazine, Leadership Excellence, has ranked Norm as one of the top 100 Global Voices in Leadership and the RBL Group as one of the top leadership development firms in the world.

Before co-founding the RBL Group, Norm was a founding partner of Novations Group, Inc. where he led business strategy, organization design, and human resource management projects for a wide variety of clients spanning multiple industries. Prior to this, he was an organization development professional at Procter and Gamble in a start up business in Georgia and in Calgary, Alberta with Esso Resources Canada.

He is an Honorary Colonel for the West Valley City Police Department.

On the family side, Norm and his wife Tricia are the leaders of two Great Danes- Fritz and Freddy- along with a couple of cats- Max and Achillesa school of koi (fish) and numerous children and grandchildren.

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    Keynote Topics

    • Leadership Brand- how to build leadership capability that creates confidence in external stakeholders such as customers and investors
    • Leadership Code- synthesis of the basic leadership competencies required by any leader
    • Building organization capabilities- how leaders sustain strategic intent over time; link between business strategy and HR practices; what makes our organization unique
    • How leaders build corporate reputation and investor confidence in future
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Keynote topics with Norm Smallwood