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Unconventional talks on leadership and entrepreneurship

Paulina S. Tenner

travels from UK

Entrepreneur and founder of GrantTree appreciated for her inspirational insights into leadership and women in business

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The unconventional and insightful keynote speaker Paulina Tenner has years hands on experience as an entrepreneur. Paulina is rebellious and passionate, serving as a source of inspiration to women in business & leadership worldwide. 

Paulina Sygulska Tenner is the founder of GrantTree, a company which helps tech startups navigate the complex world of government funding. In the last six years the team grew organically from 2 to 35, and raised over £70m for more than 600 technology startups and more mature companies using solely government funding schemes such as R&D tax credits. Paulina is also a seed angel investor and startup mentor, often featured in media (Channel 4, Channel 5, The Guardian, Forbes, The Huffington Post) as a funding expert, a woman in fintech and a panelist.

Speaker Paulina Tenner disrupts through innovation and authenticity. Paulina’s company GrantTree is an inspiration not only because of its success but because of the unique workplace where employees feel free to be true to themselves. It is an open culture company which pioneered a self-set salary scheme and full financial transparency. Paulina has spread the values of her empowering workplace as a keynote speaker at a variety of international technology scene conferences including Dublin Tech Summit, Pirate Summit and Digital Freedom Festival.

As a charismatic and authentic speaker Paulina Tenner uses anecdotes from her own life to colour her points. Let her engage and inspire you with great talks on topics ranging from leadership to sex!


Watch speaker Paulina Tenner in action at TEDxIslingtonWomen:

See keynotes with Paulina S. Tenner

    Keynote by Speaker Paulina Tenner 

    Leadership in the age of conscious capitalism

    • The way the commercial world is operating is beginning to change and, as usual, startups and forward thinking young companies in the tech industry are catalysing that change. 
    • Having worked with 600+ of those (and spoken with many more) as GrantTree founder, I have enough evidence to believe a bigger scale change in how we shape organisations and live our values in commercial relationships, is taking place.
    • The future of more wholesome workplaces and value driven business is, to a degree, already here.
    • In this keynote talk, I bring up concrete examples of companies large and small who have adopted conscious capitalism principles (including GrantTree itself, which operates holacracy, full financial transparency and employee set salaries). I also give practical tips in terms of where to start to position one’s company at the forefront of this new movement.


    Keynote by Speaker Paulina Tenner 

    Entrepreneurship and BDSM

    • An attention grabbing talk drawing interesting parallels between the career of an entrepreneur and the world of conscious sexuality practices. A novel, and a very memorable approach to discussing entrepreneurial challenges.
    • The keynote is sometimes featured as part of “Future of sex” conference block.


    Other Keynotes by Speaker Paulina Tenner

    • How to recruit for self-managing teams
    • How to implement a culture of openness and innovation on your team
    • The business woman and the stripper: secret lives of entrepreneurs
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Keynote topics with Paulina S. Tenner