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Rahfeal Gordon

Rahfeal Gordon

travels from USA

Award-winning Entrepreneur and Author

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As an international award-winning entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Rahfeal Gordon is able to inspire audiences and help create more positive environments. His extensive work experience and resume provides inspirational keynotes that can impact both individuals and companies. As a life strategist and leadership specialist Rahfeal can enlighten audiences on the importance of positive work environments and team performance.

Rahfeal Gordon has come a long way from his hardships of being homeless in the streets of Newark, New Jersey – U.S.A. For almost a decade, he has been leveraging the core fundamentals that promote productivity. Rahfeal provides key insight into the environmental and physical circumstances that impact an individual’s personal and business performance. He knows how to create positive work environments that enhance an individual and team’s performance. Rahfeal is a life strategist, leadership specialist, and innovator of inspiration.

Rahfeal’s stellar resume begins with the establishment of his first
successful company, Infinite Productions, while attending Arts High
School in New Jersey at the age of 15. The company mission was to develop events that provided unity within the high school and college campuses.

In 2001, Rahfeal established his first non-profit organization entitled “Team Infinite (T.I.)”, on the campus of Montclair State University and Bloomfield College. In addition to the success of Team Infinite, in 2005, he established the Rahfeal C. Gordon Scholarship Foundation. The Scholarship is designed to benefit high school and college students with average grades, but exhibit exceptional business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2008, Rahfeal launched RahGor Motivations & Publishing, a company that provides global speaking platforms, management and book publishing services for individuals who have powerful stories, testimonies or expertise in a particular field. He has written nine published books that all focuses on personal development and inspiration. Following the establishment of the RahGor brand, Rahfeal was tapped to be a featured entrepreneur in the AMC Theaters distributed film, TEN9EIGHT, produced by Award-winning producer Mary Mazzio.

He is the recipient of the Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Social Entrepreneurship.

Rahfeal is an international award-winning speaker who has addressed notable audiences at places such as Madison Square Garden, Prudential Arena, Library of Congress, Los Angeles Convention Center, Harvard University, Columbia University, Wall Street, and Emprendus in Monterrey, Mexico. He has received high praises by global organizations such as Toastmasters International for his speaking and is considered on of the most dynamic orators of our generation.

In regards to awards and nominations Rahfeal has received distinguished acclaim such as: The Ernst & Young Award for Entrepreneurship, NFTE Global Entrepreneurship Award, Mercedes Benz Global Entrepreneur Award, OppenheimerFunds Social Entrepreneurship Award, Man on a Mission Award, Paul Robeson Leadership Award, Fathers for Our Children Award, and Nomination for NAACP Image Award.

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Interview with Rahfeal Gordon

In your opinion, why are positive work environments of great importance?

Positive work environments are of great importance because it is the arena of productivity.  When we are within environments that cater to our well being, we tend to work more effectively. Our communication with our staff, teammates, and superiors are stronger and positive. Work environments should not be stressful or negative. Our work environments should be ones that help us solve problems, inspire creativity, and nurture innovation. If anything, positive work environments help you manage stress and tackle anything that will hinder you from being productive for the long periods of time within your work environment.

As an entrepreneur and leader, it is important that I recruit individuals that will collectively cultivate a positive work environment. These individuals will have great personality along with a healthy work ethic. They are open to learning how to be better and teaching others how to be better within the environment they share together.

I am a person that pays attention to details when it comes to positive work environments. Everything plays a part in the positive energy within the environment. This goes for the paintings on the wall, the paint colours, the music in the elevators, the greeting that clients/staff receives in the morning from the receptionist, and the opening of a morning meeting.

If we pay attention to the details of our environment, we will have a positive environment, which will attract great people to help transcend a company’s culture, service, and product.

What makes your keynotes unique?

My most honest answer is to say that my journey makes my keynotes unique. When I speak to whatever audience it may be, I always share a bit of my journey on how I got here. I aim to always make my keynotes transcending so that the majority of the audience can relate in some way. I am a very intimate person and I like each of my listeners to feel as if some part of my keynote is directly talking to him/her.

My character, my passion for speaking, and my eagerness to develop solution driven methods to teach others are what pour out in my keynotes. My energy is in a totally different category. Sometimes, the audience, along with myself, will enjoy my personal reaction when one of my keynotes inspires me on stage. It’s something that people over the years loved about my keynotes and how I presented them. And I believe these things are the reason why my keynotes are unique.

What message do you hope audiences walk away with?

My message that I want the audience to walk away with is my life quote, “Your Location Is Not Your Destination.” Whether in their business or personal life, I want them to know that they have the opportunity to grow and fly as high as they possibly can. Every conference, every method learned, every interview, every struggle, every business decision, and every life lesson is for them to use as leverage to move forward. Life will always be the best teacher because it gives up the test before the lesson. And if we are able to recognize the lesson, we have matured with a mind-set that is greater than it was yesterday.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

I have many experiences that I favour. But one that sticks out to me was from last fall season. I was speaking to hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Monterrey, Mexico. What made this moment so special to me was the fact that many of them were wearing headphone listening to the translator give my speech in their language.

As I was speaking, I notice a few people in the audience crying after hearing my life journey. No matter how most of the audience heard my keynote, we all laughed, cheered, and cried, and were inspired to go higher. I was totally happy by what was happening. Once I finished my speech, the crowd roared with cheers and clapping. I spent almost 2 hours taking pictures and signing autographs with those who heard me speak. The translator even came by with tears in his eyes and told me how proud and inspired he was by me. People were saying that my speech was one of the best speeches they’ve ever heard.

Following the event, I was escorted to dinner and was introduced to a young man who came from afar just to hear my speech. When we met, he cried so much and told me how he needed to hear my keynote. We sat and talked about our personal life and business life for quite awhile. He constantly told me that my speech changed his life. And for that, I was and still grateful for that entire experience.

How does your own personal journey factor into your presentations?

I tend to talk about my experience being homeless in the United States in the years of my youth. The moments I’ve experienced and the lessons I’ve learned along the way were my invisible tools. These tools helped to build the man my audience gets to enjoy listening to on stage. It’s a goal of mine to use my life as an example of never giving up. This can be never giving up on your business endeavours and never giving up on your personal ambitions.

When I give a presentation, I give my all within it. Many of my past audience members said that I am very authentic in my presentations, which is always a positive factor. I want my audience to know that I am thankful and appreciative to be where I am and doing what I do. I don’t take speaking and inspiring people from around the world for granted. I know where I came from and I know how far I’ve come. And because of this, I spend time striving to create the best presentation the audiences have ever seen.

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