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Sally Williamson

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Executive Coach & Keynote Speaker

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Keynote Speaker Sally Williamson is the president and founder of Sally Williamson & Associates, a communications consulting firm. She is a trusted resource for developing leaders worldwide.



Why Book Speaker Sally Williamson?

  • She is confident.  Practicing what she teaches, Sally confidently exudes confidence in her work as she leads conversations and workshops while inspiring others to do the same.
  • She is flexible.   Having led many conversations, conferences and workshops, C- Suite boardrooms, Sally is adequate in customizing any conversation for the advancement, impact and influence on your company.
  • She is detailed-oriented.  With her level of expertise, Speaker Sally keens in on the act of leadership and its many fundamentals needed for success within any organization.

For more than three decades Sally has coached C-level executives, taught workshops for mid-level managers, and created leadership development programs for high-potential employees. Her expertise is spoken communications, and her passion is helping leaders at all levels become compelling communicators.

Sally is a recognized expert on Executive Presence and published her first book, “The Hidden Factor: Executive Presence,” in 2011. In 2014, Sally authored her second book, “Leading Executive Conversations: Be Confident. Be Compelling. Be Concise.” “Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember and Repeat,” Sally’s most recent book, was published in 2018.

Sally Williamson & Associates works with Fortune 500 companies to develop leaders at all levels and to strengthen communication influence and impact across an organization. This is done through training programs and coaching that builds on two fundamental components of effective communication – content and style.

Coach and speaker Sally Williamson specializes in personal brand and impressions, executive presence, storyline and message development, executive visibility and conversations, storytelling, building credibility with the media, delivering effective feedback, team influence and motivation, and transition and change management.

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Keynote by Speaker Sally Williamson

Executive Presence for Women: Presenting the Best of You

Presence isn’t something you give yourself, but rather earned from those around you who come to respect your right to speak and ability to lead.  It is a combination of attitudes that present a sense of confidence, competence, commitment and authenticity.

Within the first seven seconds of contact, people form up to eleven impressions of a communicator.  This means, your personal style says more about your confidence, credibility and comfort than your words do.  Make deliberate choices that impact initial impressions

  • Designed for professional female audience and will focus on the communication challenges in gaining credibility, connection and balancing the listener’s perspective
  • Female audience members that focuses on challenges that exist in professional settings
  • Identifying the different communications of men and women
  • Offering suggestions for creating positive impact with your personal style

Keynote by Speaker Sally Williamson

Mastering Executive Presence

Defining executive presence may be a gray area for many, it is the essence of leadership. It isn’t a technique, but an embedded skill that becomes a personal trait and gives you power and influence over others. An executive with a presence command the room, projects the message and pulls you into their beliefs.

  • Raise awareness of impression and the intentional choices that people make to strengthen their brand and their ability to influence any audience.
  • Videotaped exercises and coaching, participants gain a greater awareness of their current habits and explore new choices that strengthen physical impressions, personal energy and involvement, and the ability to leverage confidence and commitment to engage any listener.
  • Capturing video-guided reminders behind each audience members exercise so that the participants leave with a tool that helps them visualize and internalize coaching on a consistent basis.

Key note from speaker Sally Williamson

Leading Executive Conversations: Be Confident, Be Concise and Be Compelling

Research has shown that executive evaluate conversations based on two things: Are you credible and confident? and can you solve a business need?  An exectuive wants to know the bottom-line benefit or decision.  Leading conversations means crafting a message that drives an action or ask from the executive and a measurable impact for the business.

  • Speaker Sally Williamson shows you how to answer both expectations by sharing data points from executives about what they value most in conversations and what usually goes wrong
  • Demonstrating how to craft a compelling message that captures their attention and quite often, their approval or buy-in.

Key note by speaker Sally Williamson

Storylines & Storytelling: What They Remember and Repeat

Everyone is a storyteller whether you’re on stage, across a conference table or on a video conference.  Impactful presentations leverage the power of story lines to reach a objective. Start with a compelling message, and then develop a story line that proves it out.  A good story line is the framework for communication or the flow of ideas.

  • Introducing the core concepts of effective storytelling
  • Starting the story line on how to craft a compelling message, focusing on the importance of stories and how to effectively use them to support the story line.
  • Lastly, the importance of being a compelling communicator for your own personal success.


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