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Communication is the language of success


Savvas Trichas

travels from Cyprus

Powerful keynote speaker on the importance of successful communication in management, leadership and business

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Sought-after speaker Savvas Trichas is an expert and lecturer on verbal and written communication as well as negotiation and human resource management. Savvas is a two times TEDx speaker and has spoken in 19 countries so far.

Why you should book speaker Savvas Trichas

  • Savvas has a Ph.D in Human Resource Management and Marketing and has collaborated with several prestigious universities. With his educational background, Savvas is able to actually share research-based knowledge about his speaking topics.
  • As a speaker Savvas Trichas is motivating and insightful. He provides the audience with practical advice and eye-opening points about the power of communication!

Keynote speaker Savvas Trichas specializes in body language, negotiation and management. Savvas captures the audience when he’s on stage and shares valuable insights into the power of communication and connecting with people. When he is not on stage, you’ll find him on TV as an expert on body language and the psychology of communication. He also consults organizations on specific organizational challenges – which are often linked to lack of communication.

Savvas has spoken to clients across the world and always receives incredible feedback on his way. He is also associated with the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus Police as a guest lecturer. Savvas speaks on a variety of topics and always includes practical take-home advice and eye-opening points sprinkled with great energy and humour.

See keynotes with Savvas Trichas
Keynote by speaker Savvas Trichas

Connect: It’s What You Don’t Say that Matters

  • In today’s highly competitive world, everyone communicates but only a few people connect. Connecting with people means making every moment valuable and in the long run, it will change your business.
  • In this keynote, speaker Savvas Trichas shares his insights into communication beyond words. Body language is a huge part of connecting with others and takes up a large part of daily communication.
  • The audience will learn practical science-based nonverbal tools they can use when interacting with others. In addition, they will learn about conscious differentiation of body posture and the influence it has on others’ perceptions as well as voice tricks that can help us captivate our respective audience and much more.
Keynote by speaker Savvas Trichas

The Storyteller's Unspoken Story

  • Research shows that stories can change our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. In this keynote, Savvas shares insights into three-dimensional storytelling for advanced public speaking.
  • The audience will learn how to create captivating business presentations that will ensure the very best foundation for a successful meeting, launch or new business strategy.
Keynote by speaker Savvas Trichas

May I Have Your Attention Please?

  • Attention shapes our reality and this presentation focuses on how crucial attention is in business. Savvas presents the audience with five research-based tools to engage anyone’s attention.
  • The audience will learn about the importance of avoiding split attention effects, brain research on our attention span, and the neurochemistry of storytelling.
Keynote by speaker Savvas Trichas

Negotiation Lessons from a Slice of Pizza

  • This talk begins with a story about a group of children arguing for the last slice of pizza. The talk presents two implicit dimensions of negotiations, the dark and the invisible side. Savvas shows the audience that these dimensions exist mostly on an unconscious level through fun activities and interesting examples.
  • The audience will learn valuable negotiation tools and get insights into body language and communication strategies that will ensure successful business meetings and negotiation situations.


Workshop by speaker Savvas Trichas

Microexpressions: The Power of Seeing More (Workshop)

  • Microexpressions frequently range from 1/5 to 1/25 of a second and are often associated with concealment of emotion. These brief facial expressions are often difficult to detect and may affect individuals without their awareness.
  • The workshop will include a presentation on identifying basic facial muscle movement and intensity, introduction to the concept of micro-expressions, observation and decoding of world leaders’ actual micro-expressions and much more.
  • Participants will learn how to read microexpressions in a business context and detect underlying emotions and intentions. This workshop is especially suited for HR professionals.
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    See keynotes with Savvas Trichas
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