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Susan Hart

Psychologist and Keynote Speaker
Country: Denmark

Since 2002, keynote speaker Susan Hart has spoken about neuro affective developmental psychology at seminars, conferences and presentations. Neuro affective developmental psychology is a way of bridge-building between developmental psychology and the most recent brain research. Her keynotes are directed towards psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, foster parents and health visitors.

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Susan Hart has a MA in Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, and has since worked as a psychologist within the areas of adult, children and family. In January 2016, she was enrolled as a Phd student at the University of Aalborg where she will examine the interaction between three evaluation methods: the neuro affective mentalization interviews for parents; Marschak Interaction Method of Psychometrics for interaction observations; and Emotional Development Scale for 4-12 year old children.

Through her practical experience, Susan Hart researched human’s emotional, personal and social development, and how we balance and develop ourselves through both resources and vulnerabilities. It has been an endless task for Susan to understand how we develop our coping competencies through the people we meet and additionally how they support us in relationship or life-threatening trauma. This is an approach she also presents in her thought-provoking keynotes about neuro affective developmental psychology.

    Speaker Susan Hart Keynote Topics

    • Neuro affective leadership
    • Neuro affective developmental psychology
    • Neuro affective teaching
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