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Learn to handle media crisis with online reputation management

William Atak

travels from Denmark

Executive and expert advising individuals and organizations on reputation management and digital crisis communication

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Online reputation management and Keynote speaker William Atak excels at handling media crises. Every year he gives several talks on his specialty: media crises, as well as digital rights violations, fake news, digital bullying and social media. His talks are perfect for both private and public organizations, as well as private individuals.

Whenever the Danish press needs an expert opinion on media crises, they turn to William Atak. He has contributed with his opinion on good crisis communication in the context of several major cases in Denmark.

Beyond his work as a speaker William Atak is the founder and administrative director of ATAK A/S and SAFEonNET®. At these companies, he helps companies and private individuals protect and maintain their online reputation.

Speaker William Atak’s keynotes focus on online reputation management, online marketing, as well as social media. His engaging talks are always supported by real-life stories.

See keynotes with William Atak

    Speaker William Atak Keynote Topics

    Media Crisis

    • What is a media crisis? How do you prepare yourself for one? Why do they occur? How does it progress and how can it be dealt with?
    • In this keynote, William Atak focuses on simple tools, the anatomy of a media crisis in four phases. Real world cases are brought up and reviewed.
    • Ideal audiences for this keynote include leaders, politicians, marketing and communication departments, boards, business associations and organisations.


    An Organization in the Midst of a Media Crisis

    • The perfect talk for a board, leaders, commications departments and other employees individually and as a team need to survive a media crisis and come out of the crisis with full strength.
    • 360 degree understanding of the importance of internal and external communications during a digital crisis. This prevents as much damage as possible. Speaker William Atak can explain the how and the why!
    • Audiences who can benefit from this keynote include the whole organization, the public sector, leaders, as well as customer service, HR and communication departments.


    Dealing with (Negative) Reviews and Social Media

    • The focus of this keynote is the power of the customer through social media and review sites such as Facebook, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor etc. William Atak will provide an in-depth explanation of the importance of reviews and how to handle them, as well as practical tools for how to get less negative (and more positive!) reviews.
    • This keynote is perfect for marketing, customer service, PR and communication departments.


    Fake News

    • What is fake news and how can it hurt your company at the blink of an eye if you’re not prepared? If even the American election can be influenced by fake news, then any and every Danish company must be in serious danger. Speaker William Atak will explain why and how to deal with fake news.
    • Audiences who can benefit from this keynote include leaders, boards, as well as marketing and communication departments.


    Digital Bullying in and out of the Workplace

    • This keynote will focus on bullying and violations in the digital space both at work and outside of work, affecting employees as well as their partners and children. William Atak will speak openly about indirect bullying and violations online, and the consequences of this for the individual, their family and of course the workplace environment.
    • William Atak provides real cases to help you understand, and gives you practical tools to make immediate changes.
    • This talk can benefit everyone with a presence on the internet!


    Digital Violations of Youth

    • Digital bullying, revenge porn and other types of online violations and harassment lead to lowered self esteem, self-harm, anxiety, depression and stress among youth.
    • In this talk speaker William Atak presents real cases and analyses behavior on social media and the consequences of this behavior. He also explains how to proactively and reactively deal with crises of this type, as well as how to advise the youth involved.
    • This talk can benefit schools, institutions, teachers, parents and many others.
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