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How to build a priceless brand


JP Kuehlwein

travels from USA

Global brand- and business builder and principal of Ueber Brands Consulting helping businesses elevate their brands

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In 2015, keynote speaker JP Kuehlwein was named ‘Inspirational Marketer of the Year’ by the Association of National Advertisers/The Internationalist. In his talks, JP draws on his 20+ years of hands-on experience in successfully creating or re-staging brands that have grown to generate over a billion dollars in combined incremental sales annually around the world.

Ueber-Brands go beyond selling us products and ideas. They seduce us with ideaLs.

JP Kuehlwein is principal of Ueber Brands Consulting which helps clients ‘elevate brands to make them priceless’ and evaluate investment and expansion opportunities. He has also co-authored the bestselling reference book for marketing professionals and students “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands” together with Wolf Schaefer. The book analyzes success drivers behind some one hundred premium brands across industries that go “Ueber” – german for “above and beyond” – and gain ‘meaning beyond the material’. JP and his co-author Wolf Schaefer advocate to put ‘myth back into marketing’ to ‘seduce rather than sell’ for a brand to be esteemed beyond size, price or performance.

Keynote speaker JP Kuehlwein has well-proven leadership skills in the context of both, large, scale-driven multinationals (eg. P&G) as well as lean, agile and entrepreneurial environments that craft boutique propositions (eg. Fekkai). His achievements range from developing the first unified communication strategy for the world’s leading detergent, via introducing the concept of disposable diapering and the Pampers brands to India, to turning around a Prestige hair care salon- and retail business in New York and divesting it to international investors.

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    Keynote by Speaker JP Kuehlwein

    ‘Mission, Myth and ‘Truth’ – or – How To Make Your Brand Priceless’

    • How make consumers not only buy your brand but even be willing to pay a premium?  Today, most – and Millennial, in particular – differentiate between products and experiences they want to invest themselves INTO and necessities they want to get as efficiently and cheaply as possible.  Gone are the days where shopping and accumulating ‘stuff,’ per-se, provided satisfaction and status.
    • JP will vividly illustrate the key drivers behind the sustained success of ‘Ueber-Brands’ across the world and across industries. He will explain how your brand can go ‘Ueber’ – German for ‘above and beyond’- by gaining meaning beyond the material and making us value them beyond price.


    Keynote by Speaker JP Kuehlwein

    In Branding Storytelling is Good but Myths are Magic

    • Most marketers have learned to tell stories, some across touch-points and a few in engaging ways. But this is just the start to make your brand stand out and sell. If you also want your brand to stand up tall and command respect and a premium, you need to allow people to dream and want to root for you. You need to seduce, rather than sell.
    • JP will illustrate, vividly why and how putting some myth back into marketing will help you lift your brand up in esteem and price beyond the ‘common competitor’.


    Keynote by Speaker JP Kuehlwein

    BEING TRUE as a brand

    • What is the ‘authenticity’ people are seeking in brands?  JP will illustrate how some brands not only get away with creating and living ‘their own version of the truth’ but actually make us willing to pay a premium in the process.  These brands go ‘Ueber’ – German for ‘Above and beyond’.  For nobody really needs (another) craft-beer, car or bag. But then, you are not just buying these ‘Ueber-Brands’, you are buying INTO their world, their ‘Truth’.
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