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Frank Furedi Speaker

Frank Furedi

Sociologist and Writer
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Frank Furedi, regularly demanded within the field of sociology, has written several best-selling political sociology texts. His research is concerned with the study of the workings of precautionary culture and risk.

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Frank Furedi, Chair of Sociology at the University of Kent, is one of the most widely cited sociologists in the UK press. With a background in radical politics, he describes himself as a ‘radical humanist’, and has long-distanced himself from the remnants of the political left.

Frank has addressed the 3rd Asia-Pacific Program for Senior National Security Officers in Singapore, where he also acted as the Distinguished Dinner Speaker at Raffles Hotel. He has additionally written several best-selling political sociology texts, the most recent include;

On Tolerance: The Lifestyle Wars, 2011

Wasted: Why Education Isn’t Educating, 2010

Invitation To Terror: The Expanding Empire Of The Unknown, 2007

Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone? Confronting 21st Century Philistinism, 2006

Politics Of Fear: Beyond Left And Right, 2005

His work is unashamedly conceptual and ideological, rather than policy-oriented or operational – two aspects of academia that he views as the bête-noirs of thinking. It explores the problems contemporary society has in handling uncertainty and its inability to give meaning to social experience as evidenced today by the growing psychologisation of life through a focus on cognition and behavior.

Aside from education, his latest work examined the War on Terror and the rise of Intolerance within society – promoted, he suggests, by the very authorities who hope to ward against the consequences of these.

He is an outstanding speaker and is regularly invited to provide key-note addresses at conferences all over the world. He is able to provoke a response from even the most determinedly self-distancing of audiences.

    Speaker Frank Furedi Keynote Topics

    • The Culture of Fear and What We Need To Do To Overcome It
    • Developing Leadership Through Risk Taking
    • Are we afraid of growing up – the infantilisation of adulthood
    • Who Can You Trust And Why Has It Become An Issue
    • What Is Real Tolerance
    • Why are we afraid of risk taking
    • What can we learn from the Greeks and Romans
    • Fate or Self-Determination
    • Digital Childhood – What Are The Kids Doing Behind our Backs
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