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Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh

Business Commentator and Leadership Coach
Country: Australia

As a public keynote speaker Nigel Marsh is high in demand for his speeches on both business and personal life issues. His speech on work/life balance, held at the 2010 TED conference, remains as the most viewed speech held outside of America. His 25-year career in branding and marketing combined with his creative outlook on life provides keynotes that give fresh perspectives and inspiring tips on how to balance business and personal life.

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Born and raised in England Nigel spent the first half of his career working in London before moving to Sydney in 2001. Nigel is probably best known for his creative pursuits. Among pursuits he can list being the author of three best selling books – ‘Fat, Forty and Fired’, ‘Overworked and Underlaid’ and ‘Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up’, which have ranked top ten alongside Dan Brown and John Grisham.  Additionally he is the co-founder of Earth Hour, which recently is recognized as one of the most successful brand launches in the world, and he too has founded The Sydney Skinny – the world’s first nude ocean swim. Also he is the only ad man included in High50s recent list of the world’s top 50 most influential over 50 year olds. He is currently making a TV series of his first book with Warner Brothers and the writers of Friends.

The other side to Nigel is his career as a top CEO, business commentator and leadership coach. Since moving to Australia he has led three high profile company turnarounds and been responsible for a number of iconic brands such as Leo Burnett, George Patterson, and The Campaign Palace. Nigel is a regular contributor to The Financial Review, an advisor to a number of the countries top CEOs and the Chairman of The Leading Edge strategic research consultancy (theleadingedge.com). His TED conference speech in Sydney last year remains the most viewed online ever outside America and the 12th most watched of any speech given anywhere in the world.

    Speaker Nigel Marsh Keynote Topics

    • Work-life balance
    • Effective Leadership
    • Fat, Forty & Fired
    • Getting the Best out of Your Business and Yourself
    • Effective Marketing
    • Managing Through Change
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