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Peter Boswell

Customer Service Expert
Country: UK

Peter Boswell is a professional, international speaker whose fields of expertise are customer service and related topics. Our speaker Peter Boswell has more than ten years of speaking experience in various learning and development roles, and his angle is both personal and unique and his stories will inspire audiences, thus helping them to think in new and different ways about how to deliver good and useful service.

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After eighteen years in the customer service industry, having worked in different sectors such as retail, hospitality and aviation, the keynote speaker Peter Boswell founded SAStalks.com, the acronym SAS referring to Service, Attitude, Style. His style of approach is engaging and humorous, and he often uses emotional impact in order to make his audience consider how they could do things differently.

Our tenacious speaker Peter Boswell is a bit of an adventurer; he is an aspiring hot air balloon pilot, a kite-boarder and an avid runner. Peter loves to travel and he loves technology as well.

Currently, our keynote speaker Peter Boswell is considering writing a book on his own take on customer service.

    Speaker Peter Boswell Keynote Topics

    • Customer Service Speaker
    • Customer facing roles
    • Hospitality
    • Retail
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