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Todd Benjamin

Moderator and Former CNN Correspondent
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Todd Benjamin, the former anchor, correspondent and financial editor for CNN has always captivated audiences. His attention to detail, his knowledge, and his ability to moderate is unique. He delivers thought-provoking keynotes and he also functions as a popular moderator for a variety of event types. He works closely with clients and gets stellar reviews.

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Todd Benjamin is recognized and well known to television audiences across the globe.  For 26 years he was an anchor, correspondent, and financial editor for CNN. During that time he was based in Washington DC, New York, Tokyo, and London.

Todd’s engaging style combined with his wide-ranging international experience and informed opinions, have made him a popular moderator and interviewer, often working with the same clients year after year.

Todd always works closely with his clients to ensure that their conferences and meetings will be energizing, informative, and effective. He takes pride in helping create a great event. Organizers he has worked with say they are impressed with how closely he works with them, how easy he is to work with and how well he connects with the audience.

He is known for his pacing of events, his insightful questions and the ability to get the panelists to really probe the issues.

As one client says, his moderation technique made sure that everybody was involved and more importantly energized—in fact a quote from one of the CEO’s was that” the whole room became a panel.”

His conversation with clients always begins with, “What are the main themes or points you want your audience to walk away with, both from a content and branding viewpoint? How can I help assure you that the money you spend on this event reflects well on you and the firm.”

His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to financial firms and private equity firms.

An award winning journalist, Todd has interviewed everyone from Mikhail Gorbachev, Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair, to Nobel prize winning economists and several of the world’s leading CEOs.

Today, Todd continues to appear on CNN as an independent analyst to provide live commentary and analysis, where his views on the global economy, financial markets, Eurozone  crisis, and other issues are widely followed.

Todd is a senior advisor to an international management consultancy which works with major companies to transition to a low-carbon economy.

Todd is also a visiting lecturer in leadership at the London Business School Executive Education program.

    Speaker Todd Benjamin Keynote Topics

    Todd’s wide-ranging international experience and informed opinions, combined with his engaging style have made Todd a sought after speaker, moderator and interviewer of key business and political leaders. Todd works closely with his clients to ensure that their conferences and meetings will be energizing and informative.

    He has moderated events on everything from geo politics to thought leadership, energy, and of course finance.

    Todd also does talks on economy, including the eurozone crisis, or the upcoming US election, or leadership.


    Keynote by Speaker Benjamin Todd

    Leadership keynotes:

    Todd Benjamin, CNN’s well known former financial editor, has a unique perspective to talk about leadership. He is a guest lecturer at the prestigious London Business School, and has spoken to executives from all over the world on the topic. He has interviewed many of the world’s top CEO’s, and brings his insights into what makes great leadership.  The session is not based on theory but on practical insights – the audience actually watches several video interviews with some of the best known CEOs who have years of collective experience and wisdom, including Jack Welch (GE), Lou Gerstner (IBM), and Carlos Ghosn. Todd also brings his own unique take on each of the personalities he’s interviewed and his impressions of them, and then engages the audience to think about and discuss some of the key themes.  Among the topics covered are:

    • What separates good leadership from great leadership
    • Is leadership something innate or can it be learned
    • Most important attributes of a great leader
    • Advice for would-be leaders/executives
    • What to look for in hiring key managers
    • How can you tell if someone has leadership potential
    • Anecdotes from CEOs about their own leadership journey

    Executives and managers from over 100 companies have benefited from Todd’s talk. The feedback he gets is extremely positive.

    This session is easily flexed to meet different audience demands and sizes.  It can be run as an intimate session for companies running strategic offsites, or for larger gatherings in a conference setting.

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