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Tony Dovale

Motivational speaker, author & expert in growth mindset
Country: South Africa

Keynote speaker Tony Dovale is a motivational leadership speaker who strives to help businesses think differently, change their mindset and achieve success fast! His true passion for motivating business leaders shines through in his popular keynotes. If your organization needs to start thinking winning thoughts instead of whining thoughts, Tony Dovale is a must.

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Tony Dovale is a serial entrepreneur, and he knows exactly what it feels like to start a business, pour your heart and soul into it and hope for the best. He will know and be able to identify the struggles you have in your business and give you the very best advice on how to achieve success. In 1994, Tony founded Life Masters – an expert service to teams and leaders to help them achieve success and results as well as a positive work environment. It is safe to say that Tony is quite the expert when it comes to motivational keynotes, and he has delivered over 100 presentations ranging from 6 people to large companies like Coca Cola.

Tony’s presentations will provoke you in the right way and make you rethink your mindset. He is an expert in changing attitudes and making your work environment one where people thrive, think out of the box and feel motivated to achieve success and results. Tony has skills and strategies to help building a team and culture of engaged and positive employees, who will do their very best everyday. His strategies and keynotes work! Businesses have seen their profits and results quadruple after a presentation with Tony. His keynotes are much more than just motivation and provoking thoughts – Tony helps you deliver results!

A presentation with Tony will give you immediate and long-term benefits like eliminating fear and anxiety and gaining self confidence and self-worth. You will know how to turn your fear and failures into fuel for learning and achieving as well as uncovering your true passion and life-purpose. Businesses have discovered how important the right mindset is for achieving results, and how they delete limiting thoughts and overcome any challenge. They now feel comfortable making swift decisions because of their changed mindset.  Any organization will benefit from a keynote with Tony Dovale.

    Speaker Tony Dovale Keynote Topics

    • Motivation
    • Team Building
    • Organization Culture Optimization
    • How to Achieve Fast Results
    • Happiness at Work
    • Inspiration
    • Change of Attitude
    • Positive Mindset
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